Sometimes, here at Lakeshore Branding we get some odd requests. We have had clients that ask us for help on wedding blogs and where to go for some online wedding themes. In response to these requests, we created WordPress Wedding Themes, a blog dedicated to showing you some of our favorite WordPress wedding themes.
First, here’s our take on a few crucial attributes to What makes a good wedding blog.  Follow the link for a more in depth take on the criteria.

1. PhotographyGood photography is essential.  In an ever advancing world of High Definition, Bush League photography is unacceptable

2. Content- Nothing professional required here.  Genuine, from the heart diction will make a wedding blog stand out.

3. Wedding Site- We’ve all seen the outdated web sites that look like they’re still hosted by Angelfire or Geocities.  While you also don’t need the most cutting edge web page, don’t settle.  WordPress is the white knight of DIY websites.

4. Have Fun!- Call Captain Obvious for this one.

And on to the themes!

Acoustic WordPress Theme

Acoustic Theme is a powerful and beautiful WordPress theme – it is designed in a clean and minimalistic style and packed with all the features you need to present yourself with style and professionalism. This theme will work great for any kind of websites – photography, business, personal, wedddings and no matter what kind of content your website will contain, the theme will take care of representing every single part of it in an elegant and professional way.
$45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Photolux WordPress Theme

Photolux is a powerful and elegant Portfolio and Photography WordPress Theme which is best suited for photographers and creative users who use portfolios to showcase their work,  perfect for weddings and other grand occasions. This theme comes with three base skin choices: Dark, Light and Transparent, as well as numerous of backend options for eazy customization and bulding your skin.
$45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Light of Peace WordPress Theme

Light of Peace WordPress Theme brings a clean and crisp touch to your church or wedding website. With four color schemes to choose from, this theme is perfect for those who like to keep it minimal yet personal.
$40.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

PhotoPurePress WordPress Theme

PurePhotoPress is the proffesional WordPress theme for photographers. Creating your photo gallery website has never been so easy! This theme is suited well for weddings and other personal blogs that would like to embody a sense of beauty and elegance.
$35.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Marriage WordPress Theme

The design for this wedding theme is a minimal one with nice simple colors and custom web fonts to match the event. With a user-friendly custom admin panel where you can easily edit the main settings, change colors, modify the layout, setting up your wedding site is a piece of cake.
$40.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Wedding Album WordPress Theme

Wedding Album Premium WordPress Theme is best suited for Personal Wedding Pages or Portfolio Websites for professional Photographers. This theme uses a great deal of white & dark space, combined with a light & dark background to create a clean and regal effect. The white background and elegant typography combines to make a very fresh design.

$40.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

JPhotolio WordPress Theme

JPhotolio is a premium wordpress theme for Weddings and Wedding related matters. This theme provides you with everything you need to “WOW” your visitors with your photo, video, or even music. With an unlimited probability of style & color scheme, JPhotolio is just perfect.

$40.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Cute & Sweet WordPress Theme

This Cute & Sweet theme is aimed towards baby, children, maternity, candy, sweets, craft, scrapbooking, and, let’s not forget, wedding services. Any website requiring a super cute layout for a shop will definitely want to try this one out.
$55.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Expression WordPress Theme

Expression is the ideal WordPress Theme for photographers and artists who use portfolios to effectively present their work. This theme provides you with tons of options to manage and modify any aspect of the theme. With all the styling options to choose from, you can easily customize the appearance of your website to express yourself.
$45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

MJ WordPress Edition Theme

MJ WordPress is the optimized theme perfect for wedding invitation, personal and business websites. The theme’s simple layout and design exudes a clean & refreshing appeal that you can’t help but love.
$30.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Chocolate WordPress Theme

This  luscious theme uses rich, dark-colored schemes.  While some argue that dark textures clash with weddings, this theme is simple and can be very intimate with some great photography.  We’re also big fans of the newsletter widget that allows the guests to be kept up to date with all the important happenings of the upcoming wedding.

$45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Dandelion WordPress Theme

Dandelion is a very clean and crisp WordPress wedding theme.  The picture slideshow is always a great addition to any wedding blog.  Each picture also contains a link to different webpages.  Dandelion was not created with the intent of being a wedding blog.  However, this site can be easily engineered to meet the needs of a wedding.  Another cool  attribute of this WordPress theme is the ability to demo different color schemes and patterns increasing unique individuality.

$45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

The Paper Core WordPress Theme

Nobody wants a cheap looking website and this theme does not fail to deliver.  This simple and classy theme breaks away from the traditional looking WordPress style, while maintaining the blog feel.  It is a very customizable theme allowing room for unique individuality. Very chic.

$40.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Photopassion WordPress Theme

The general makeup of the theme is pretty typical, but as you can see from the demo the blog looks great when combined with professional photography.  A wedding blog like this will need to be wedding photo intensive to fully complete the formula.  However, as you can see from the demo, the brilliant, quality photos truly make the theme.

$45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Relaxa WordPress Theme

This WordPress wedding theme is full of bright colors and exudes happiness. A lot of thought went into creating this theme. For all those who would want to make a lot of memories and have something to look back to, this theme is for you. It’s very chic and trendy and just an overall beautiful piece.  This is an amazing rendition to the traditional WordPress blog.

$40.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Selecta WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme is awesome for weddings. It’s chic and trendy style is a refreshing approach to typical WordPress pages.  If you’re spending big bucks on an A+ photographer, this will be a great WordPress wedding theme to showcase all your adorable wedding photos. This is the kind of blog where the photography does all the talking.  Synonymous to news articles, multiple pictures placed in the blog posts supplement the content leading to a truly beautiful wedding blog.

$40.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Wait! Don’t go just yet. Our list of WordPress wedding themes just got a whole lot bigger. Feast your eyes on these newly added themes that show a lot of promise!

Modest WordPress Theme

$39.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Curator WordPress Theme

$45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Mr. & Mrs. WordPress Theme

$35.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Pixel Happy WordPress Theme

$79.95  |  Demo  |  Buy

Photocrati WordPress Theme

$89.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Memoir WordPress Theme

$39.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Wedding WordPress Theme

$59.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

DailyNotes WordPress Theme

$39.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

The Wedding WordPress Theme

$40.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Blissful WordPress Theme

Free  |  Demo  |  Download

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How to Automatically Backup Your WordPress Website

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