What if you could control and monitor your image across all social media?

What if you could sign up for all the important social media sites out there and hear all the conversations being made about your business or brand?

It sounds like a lot of work, but not if you’ve heard of KnowEm. A few months back we wrote a post that focused on this extremely useful social media service, which, as a kind of username detective, basically helps small business owners, startups, or even enterprises and larger companies check for the use of their brand, product, trademark, personal name, or username instantly on over 400 popular and emerging social networks or social media sites – including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Multiply, WordPress, MySpace, Formspring, Blogger, Posterous, and many more.

KnowEm is a great brand management tool, too. You can grab your name and secure your brand before someone else does – someone who doesn’t have the authority for representation, someone who might only be too eager to talk negatively about your brand or commit corporate identity theft. With KnowEm you can control how you and your brand are being portrayed on the Web, particularly in the rapidly growing number of social media platforms today. No more product leaks, fake announcements, slanderous statements, and other cases of brand mayhem.

Developed in April 2009 in New Jersey, KnowEm has helped secure over 350,000 profiles and reported more than 25,000 issues of brand misrepresentation for clients that range from individuals and small business owners to Fortune 500 companies. The service also allows you to check – for free – if your profiles are available. Because KnowEm updates their database of these social networking sites daily, you can determine which ones are gaining popularity in the whole social media landscape. And it goes beyond that, too. KnowEm checks for available names in sites across a wide variety of categories, including:

–          Blogging (Tumblr, TypePad, Blogger, WordPress, etc.)

–          Bookmarking (Delicious, Squidoo, StumbleUpon, etc.)

–          Business (LinkedIn, Spoke, eBay, etc.)

–          Community (Mashable, HubPages, eventful, Facebook, Multiply, etc.)

–          Design (DeviantART, Artlog, QBN, etc.)

–          Entertainment (Red Room, Pwned, etc.)

–          Health (Daily Burn, Foodical, Social Workout, etc.)

–          Information (Wikipedia, Yahoo!, etc.)

–          Microblogging (FriendFeed, Plurk, Twitter, etc.)

–          Music (Ultimate Guitar, Pandora, Blip.FM, etc.)

–          News (Technorati, Digg, Reddit, etc.)

–          Photo (Flickr, Image Shack, Picasa etc.)

–          Technology (File Cabin, TinyURL.com, eSnips, etc.)

–          Travel (Couch Surfing, TravBuddy, etc.)

–          Video (YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, etc.)

Paid premium service plans, meanwhile, allow you to automatically reserve your name, product, or brand on a certain number of sites. KnowEm takes care of creating the profiles; all you have to do is provide the needed information. It saves a lot of effort, and this certainly beats going to each site and entering the same profile information over and over and over again.

Recently KnowEm introduced new online brand protection features, such as a centralized dashboard for enterprises and the ability to track not just business names, but also employee names. (That way you get to track the social media activity of staff members that officially – or unofficially – represent your brand.) There’s also a social media monitoring and alert feature for measuring social media sentiment, all presented in real time. You can manage or segment this alert system by defining trends, author names, sources, and even geo-locations.

We here at Lakeshore Branding have always been a fan of KnowEm. If you want to keep up with the rapidly evolving world of social media, the service is definitely worth checking out. Plans start at $99.  If you have 10 or more brands or names to register, bulk or volume discount pricing is also available.