Design is one thing. Development is another. The best and biggest in the ecommerce industry know the difference between the two, and so do we.
That’s why here at Lakeshore Branding we focus on delivering the expertise, creative talent, technology, and savvy needed to make your ecommerce site not only look good, but drive your business. We bring value not just in terms of awesome color schemes, shiny new logos, and inspired designs, but also in terms of higher traffic, cost-efficient management, and increased revenue.
We use Magento eCommerce as our platform for growth: the leading ecommerce content management system today. By leveraging the flexibility, scalability, and robust features of Magento, we are able to provide you with full-service solutions and technologies attuned to the trends and demands of the growing ecommerce industry.
Magento E-Commerce Web Design
Why Magento?
Our expertise in Magento, simply put, increases your presence online and grows your sales. Using this powerful ecommerce solution, we can develop your website with focused efforts in:

  • Marketing and merchandising programs
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Catalog and order management
  • Site management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Usable interface
  • International support
  • Mobile commerce

Take your business online and to the next level. For your ecommerce web design and development needs, contact Lakeshore Branding. We’ll show you why.