In a day and age when many experts would say that the current job market definitely belongs to the employer, then why is it that you oftentimes have trouble getting quality people to come work for you?

While many companies are often inundated with resumes, that is both when they are hiring and not hiring, some others seem to have trouble literally pulling people in off the street to work for them.
If you have found lately that getting and/or keeping quality employees at your business is like pulling teeth, there could be some clear-cut reasons behind this dilemma, among which include:

  • Bad reputation – First and foremost, does your company get a bad rap? If so, even the brightest of the bright may be hesitant to want to work with you. By doing a simple Google search, you can check out what is being said regarding your brand, how you treat employees, and whether or not customers find you good to work with;
  • Payment issues – One of the cardinal rules of running a profitable business is making sure that your workers get paid on time. Yes, it doesn’t seem like a hard task to complete, but you’d be surprised how many employees out there can tell you stories of their checks/direct deposits being late or wrong. If your business has had payroll issues over time, they should be fixed ASAP. It doesn’t take long for word to get around that workers may have trouble getting paid for what you ask of them;
  • Micromanaging – Another sizable gaffe that could be limiting you when it comes to quality workers, being a micromanager. While every employer should provide proper training and assistance to its workers, keep in mind that you are not there to babysit them. Just as the payroll issue can become a problem, having micromanagers on your team is not something you want to be known for;
  • No incentives – How much opportunity is there at your business for bonuses and growth? Even though money is obviously a major draw to employees, many also want the opportunity to be able to move up the ladder, be it at your business or somewhere else. If you limit or even prohibit growth at your company, good luck trying to get a sizable number of candidates in there, especially for an extended period of time. You need to show each individual that comes through that door looking for work that you are a business on the rise, not one just going through the paces (see more below);
  • Lack of a game plan – Finally, are you a business that is going places, not just stuck in neutral? Employees are motivated by companies that have a game plan, put it in play, and always think about how they can be better at it today than they were yesterday. Your company should always be looked upon as one that is being chased by the competition, not the other way around. Make sure you are hitting on all cylinders in promoting your brand via marketing, public relations, social media, and search engine optimization (SEO).

So, are you a business that people want to work for or one that people want to run from?
About the Author
With 23 years’ writing experience, Dave Thomas covers a variety of business topics, including finding the best payroll companies.