What does the rest of 2013 look like for you and your business? Have you planned your marketing strategy for the year? Some old adages still ring true, and there are some new strategies to help you stand out in the business world. With the help of social media marketing, brand perception and networking, your product or service can soar high above the competition to greater heights.

Creating Brand Ambassadors

It’s all about perception when it comes to brand alignment. What does your business stand for? What does it mean? Customers expect to understand the purpose of your organization. There should be no question what you do or what you are selling. One step is to be sure your employees understand the company’s strategy; if they don’t get it, how can you expect the public to? By aligning perception with brand image in house, you are fostering a culture of purpose. Once your employees get it, they, their families and their friends become your brand ambassadors. The internal constant, cohesive behavior will emanate and enable others (strangers) to embrace it.
When people trust and believe in your brand, you stand out. But it doesn’t stop there. You must foster dialogue with them. Give them a digital, but personal experience. Don’t just tell them. Don’t just show them. Involve them. (You can thank Ben Franklin for this concept.)

Brand Relevance

Establishing your brand purpose gives it greater meaning and value. Now, involving your customers … that’s what makes your goals achievable. Satisfying a client’s needs after they understand your purpose is the goal. Nicole Armstrong offers a good example in her blog about branding: If you are a fashion designer, you may have an elaborate collection of clothing on stunning models at your show, but if no one can wear them beyond the runway, in everyday life, the collection could be a failure.

Social Media and Print Collateral

You can further your brand purpose and relevance with social media marketing and print collateral. If you can creatively capture and engage potential customers, you are one step ahead of the competition. The year 2013 brings all sorts of unique ways to switch it up and stand out. As designers continue to create innovative promotional materials and design techniques, like the less destructible plastic card, foil stamping, folded cards and 100 percent recycled cards, the demand goes up allowing organizations of all sizes to print business cards for less.
Social media should be at the forefront of of your marketing strategy. Whether you understand how to become present online or not, creating your road map to success relies heavily on climbing up the social ladder. This is one of the best ways (if not the best) to communicate with your customers – social media enables targeted campaigns and measurable success, along with building new communities and nurturing existing ones. You can hire a social media strategist if you have too much on your own plate to devote to social media management.
Then you can begin to streamline your marketing campaigns by adding QR codes and Twitter handles to your promotional materials, emails and Internet advertising, thus aligning your brand presence, relevance and overall experience.