I recently entered a contest to win a free ticket to the BlueGlass conference and I got really excited with the opportunity. As part of the comment I made a photoshopped image which shows Google telling them that I should be selected was the winner.
So who deserves that ticket to the upcoming Blueglass TPA? I think I do and I want to tell you why and a little about myself.
I met the AL team just a few months ago at Gangplank in Chandler, while in town for Startup Weekend. Chase sat down with for at least an hour to explain all the cool stuff the AL team was working on, explain how they were able to get accurate rankings and the fact that I have been a customer for a year, will make me a great brand ambassador while I am down in Florida. I would love the rep the AL while I am down there.
I am an avid travler and really enjoy meeting new people, in fact I just moved out of Chicago to start a trip around the world for the next few years. One of my goals is to expand my network and expertise of online marketing, both of which I can achieve with a ticket to BlueGlass, it would give me an awesome head start on my trip.
As a SEO strategist, I’m keen on learning new ways to keep my clients happy. I would love the opportunity to learn from the best and the brightest in the industry to hone and improve my craft.
At the same time, I believe I have enough valuable experience from working with SMBs and Fortune 500 companies to be able to pass on and share what I know about SEO.
Google says so. I’m serious! Check out a screenshot of the search results for “Who deserves that ticket to the upcoming Blueglass TPA”: flickr image
I am a creative, resourceful, and driven digital marketing strategist. Communicator adept at directing innovative strategies in Internet marketing and SEO; leader with strong entrepreneurial experience, proven technical expertise, solid education, and sharp business development acumen essential in driving the growth of any business and I really want the Authority Labs ticket to BlueGlass TPA. I photoshopped the results earlier, but now I wanted to show that I could rank for the terms as well.
You can read my comment on the AL blog here. Thanks for your consideration.