Regardless of what a company is, or what products or services it offers, the company blog should offer an accurate representation of the company, on a more informal basis.
Blogs provide an avenue for companies to share information, make announcements, and interact with current and potential customers through ongoing posts, comments, and replies.
Some companies also include products for sale on their blogs, provide tutorials, present videos or podcasts, or may even offer forums as part of the blogs to invite even more interaction with and feedback from customers.

The Company Blog Should Speak to the Customers
Companies should use blogs to speak to or engage with customers, not merely to blog for the sake of blogging.
That would be akin to people who talk for the sake of hearing themselves talk, not because they have any interest in interacting with others in a reciprocal form of communication.
Instead, companies should use blogs as the company “voice” that establishes their authority, reputation, and presence on the Internet among businesses.  They should also encourage interaction with and feedback from customers.
Static pages of the blog should also include all available contact information, comprehensive descriptions of what the company offers, hours of operation, and the mission statement and/or vision for the company.
Importance of the Company Blog
Why is the company blog important?
Competitors with active blogs and followers may snag customers or clients away from a company with no blog or other active social media presence.
Maintaining a professional blog consistently offers several advantages or benefits for companies:

  • Receive more traffic and more leads than companies without blogs.
  • Establish better Google ranking and more successful SEO.
  • Increase visibility on the Internet.
  • Position company as an industry-specific thought leader.
  • Offer improved customer service.
  • Influence customers’ purchasing decisions.

How to Market the Company Blog
Marketing the company blog requires some time and effort, but it’s well worth it:

  • Include the name and URL for the blog on all company communications, emails, marketing materials, and business cards.
  • Network with other bloggers, leave meaningful comments, and often have the opportunity to link back to the company blog with a primary link or possibly a specific post (depending on whether or not that blog has a feature such as CommentLuv, which allows readers to leave a link back to a post in their own blogs).
  • Join communities of bloggers who read and follow each other’s blogs, and leave comments.
  • Add the blog name and URL to blog directories.

Time to Get Blogging
Companies that don’t yet have blogs should consider starting theirs…like yesterday! Joining the blogosphere is a wise choice. Companies that have blogs, but have been less than consistent with them, should get blogging. Really.
It can make a difference in branding, reach, profits, and overall success in the business.