I am pretty sure everyone says that they will go to the gym and lose weight for the new year. I am pretty sure I have used this one several times and I am still waiting to hit my goal…lol. A few weeks ago I heard a speech from Ryan the creator of iContact. He described his plan to BHAG, a big hairy audacious goal. He want on to explain the purpose of setting specific goals and then printing them out and putting them on your wall. I kind of relate this idea of setting goals back to the idea of New Years resolutions, we set the BHAG but we do not make them specific. Weither it is the time line, specifications of the project, how it will be done etc. This year I plan to make my BHAG much more specific and I am determined to reach those goals. My newest venture is GreenWerks an eco friendly contracting firm in Chicago. Our goal of 1/2 million is sales is very big and hairy but it needs to be refined to make sure that we are able to reach that goal. During the next week I will lay out the full plan of how I intend to reach my goal. Based on his research people who set regular goals for themselves are 60% more likely to get them done and people who write them down and put them on the wall at 90% more likely to meet their goal! So write down your goals, get specific and meet your goals. To learn more about ryan check out his book Zero to one Million.