As the owner of a  small business you already know that marketing is the key to reaching customers or clients. Your reach is only limited by the quality of your marketing efforts. Google AdWords is an important part of any online marketing strategy as the tools Google provides can help you whether you use their paid service or not.

What is Google AdWords?
Google AdWords is a tool that helps you reach your target demographic in advertising. You can use the tool to gauge the number of times people are searching for words that are on your website or that are about your topic. You enter the word, find the best combination, then set up a campaign through the service. You can set a minimum amount to spend on the AdWords campaign. The amount spent determines how often your ad will appear.
What Does it Do For Me?
What AdWords does for a business is increase the company’s reach. While this may sound like a standard advertising campaign, AdWords is different. The tool identifies search words or terms (also called keywords) and targets your ads to the people searching with your ‘trigger’ words. Some unofficial estimates place the reach of AdWords at 80% of typical internet users.
Ad blocking tools are more popular, but the majority of internet users do not use ad blocking software. Even as the popularity of such ad blocking software grows, the typical web surfer states that Google advertising does not bother or hamper their browsing experience.
Google is the most popular way for bloggers and website owners to earn money. Your reach will be across millions of websites around the world. You will reach far more people with AdWords than with an email campaign or static ads.
What Are the Benefits?
Many advertising campaigns are ‘cold’ efforts. This means that the people viewing the ads are not actively looking for any product or are looking for a different product. Google AdWords strives to display ads that are relevant to a web surfer’s search term. With AdWords your ads are displayed to people that are looking for an item or service like the one offered by your company.
In essence, this is a ‘hot’ campaign. Your ads are relevant to a consumer and are more likely to reach the people you need or want to reach.
The AdWords tool can help you with the general SEO of your website. The top searched words for your topic, product, or service are displayed in the tool’s results. Along with the campaign, you can add those words to content for your blog or informational site.
You can track the progress of a campaign easily through your Google account. The account can be linked to Gmail, your website, and Google’s webmaster tools. In-depth analysis of your site can be displayed at any time.
You can also use the tools to track clicks on your ads, revenue earned, and adjust the search terms at your convenience.
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