Not long ago, one might have thought that communicating with business partners in different locations is very difficult, or that imparting education to students spread out in a nation or abroad is impossible.
The usual hue and cry at home over elders not being able to communicate with their beloved ones studying or working elsewhere has also abated, clearly indicating that the field of communications is witnessing yet another revolution. This time it is through webcasting, which in simple terms is broadcasting over the Internet – facilitating one-to-one or one-to-many interaction – and taking everyone by storm.
Television and radio stations engaged in broadcasting programs suddenly look conventional, and are being overlooked with the availability of Internet-enabled computers that bring the whole world before you in no time. The growth of webcasting has been so phenomenal that people belonging to all walks of life have come to realize its importance in effectively promoting their varying interests – be it business, office, education, sports, media, or any kind of activity.
Such is the convenience offered by webcasting – which requires no more than a presenter, an encoder, and a server to perform the job online – that it has primarily allowed independent media to prosper like never before. Ably supported by broadband, webcasting has proved to be a very effective tool, providing business people endless opportunities to widen their areas of work across the world.
Another field that has really benefited a lot from the invention of webcasting is education, wherein several institutions are utilizing the service to bring together the teacher and his or her any number of students who are situated in different zones. That webcasting has helped in establishing strong bonds of affinity between the tutor and the students is evident from the fact that many universities have gone online to push education to aspiring students living in any part of the world. It certainly doesn’t end at a teacher delivering classroom lectures to geographically divided students; student can still raise questions and get them answered by the teacher from the other end through the question box on their PC or laptop.
Obtaining a license to launch Internet broadcasting is not a difficult task, as licensing bodies offer webcasting licenses to those wishing to carry out the service using copyright material. It has come as a great boon to leading businesses that are able to conduct their regular seminars and even their annual meetings using webcasting. With everything going live through webcasting, it may not be an exaggeration to state that the people are experiencing a new world that has never been possible before.