A Content Management System (CMS) is a Web-based tool that makes it easy to change and manage the web copy, imagery, and layout of your website using a Web-based backend. Easy – meaning you no longer have to worry about managing multiple versions of HTML/ Dreamweaver templates (remember those?), since everything’s stored online.
Lakeshore Branding leverages the power of two open-source content management systems that have been designed to create, edit, manage, control, and store all the materials you’ll be using for your website. Our recommended systems make the complex a lot simpler and the Internet a lot friendlier.
Why open-source? It’s all a matter of opportunity: for lower costs, greater flexibility, better reliability, improved security, smoother collaboration, and more innovation. Because more developers and more programmers can work on open-source projects – compared to the limited few who create proprietary software – the possibilities become limitless.
With open-source, Lakeshore Branding continues to develop unique, sophisticated website, the kind you thought was too technical – or too expensive – to have yourself.


One of our favorite content management systems is WordPress, a free open-source publishing platform that has grown and evolved dramatically through plug-ins, widgets, themes, and even e-Commerce carts. WordPress provides plenty of custom solutions for your website, and with Lakeshore Branding’s expertise in this acclaimed platform, you can make anything happen.
(Do check out our collection of WordPress themes and training videos!)
Magento E-Commerce
This versatile enterprise level e-Commerce content management system will take your business to the next level. Magento is a powerful, full-featured e-Commerce solution that has revolutionized the whole e-Commerce industry. Often dubbed as the “e-Commerce platform for growth”, Magento has been downloaded over 2 million times, and used by more than 60,000 merchants in transactions that total over $25 billion.