It’s easier than ever to make promotional videos. A few years ago, if you wanted to have an advert made, then you would have had to search for an affordable company offering video production in Nottingham or another major city near where your company was based. The production process would require regular meetings, intense discussion, several edits, and quite a large bill at the end.
Now that even personal computers are capable of video editing, it’s starting to make more sense to do the work in house. A short video production training course may not bring your work up to the standard of a professional outfit doing video production, but if you’re producing short advertisements or viral videos then you most likely won’t need the sophisticated equipment of a professional video lab.

What can you learn from video production training?

One mistake that many people make is to get carried away playing with fancy settings and effects with their video software. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that more means better, and to want to cram in as many fades, soft focus effects, blurs, and other “little touches” as possible.
Spending a few days getting some quality video production training will go a long way towards helping you get over the initial candy store feeling of playing with production software. After a while you’ll learn when to keep it simple, and when to add effects.
You’ll also learn how to manage lighting, how to frame a scene, how to convert video to different formats, and how to add audio effects to your videos.

Home-Made Viral Marketing

Some companies overlook video marketing because they’re not sure how they’ll get people to view (online or through traditional media) the videos that they create. However, this should not be a concern in today’s connected age. It’s easy to share videos online using social bookmarking, social networking, and video sharing sites. Youtube is a platform for all sorts of brands – not just teenagers and their music videos.
If your company is not experienced in the social space, then you may find that hiring a company that can handle video production in Nottingham is a better idea than going it alone – especially if they do promotion services, too. However, if you have online brand representatives that have already built up a following on Facebook, Twitter, or similar sites, then you could get a lot of mileage out of a decent video camera and a few days of video production training.
Be aware that it may take a few attempts to make the perfect video. You should do some internal test runs and get feedback from people that will say what they really think before you share videos with the rest of the world. Successful videos look authentic, rather than forced, and it can take a while of being on the other side of the camera to achieve the natural image that you should be aiming for. The results, however, will be worth the effort.
About the author: This article was written by Crispin Jones on behalf of Black Hawk Productions. Crispin runs a small business from home and is always looking for affordable and cost-effective ways to market himself.