The WordPress platform is one of the most popular options for bloggers, and with good reason. There are a variety of themes available on WordPress that are suited to different types of blogs, from fashion blogs to political opinion. WordPress bloggers even have the option to upload custom built themes. Print plugins add functionality to WordPress blogs by allowing readers to print or save individual entries. Many print plugins are easy to install and they are simple enough for readers to use. However, most plugins only work with blogs rather than blogs. versus allows bloggers to have complete control over the code for their blogs, including the installation of custom plugins. However, requires bloggers to provide their own hosting for their blogs. bloggers are also responsible for maintaining updated versions of the WordPress software. provides a turnkey operation for bloggers, with ready-made themes and hosting provided. WordPress automatically updates the software for bloggers. themes can be modified to fit the needs of individual bloggers. However, bloggers are not able to install their own plugins.
Print Button bloggers can opt to have a Print button included as one of the several “share” options for their blog. The Print button appears alongside icons for social networking platforms such as Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Bloggers can opt to have the Print button appear on every page of their blogs, or just with individual posts.
Print Me! bloggers can add a PrintMe! button to allow readers to print content from their blogs. By pressing the button, readers are directed to a URL where the desired content is shown in print friendly format. Readers print the content from that location.
Print Friendly
PrintFriendly is designed to create printer friendly views of blog content to print out in hard copy or save as PDF documents. Unlike many other WordPress print plugins, Print Friendly is designed to work with and blogs. The plugin also works with Blogger blogs or with website pages.
The PrintWhatYouLike plugin creates a button that allows readers to print out pages from your blog or individual blog posts – with a twist. This plugin allows readers to customize what they print. This may result in less paper and ink being used for hard copies and cleaner looking results for PDF files.
CleanPrint is designed to increase eco-friendly approaches to printing from the Internet, including WordPress blogs. Users have the option to print hard copy documents, but also to create PDF files, text files, email documents or Google Drivefiles. Pagination controls eliminate the extra blank sheet that often results from printing from the Internet. Users can also share links to blog content to Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn.
Easy Recipe
Easy Recipe is especially useful for food bloggers and others who frequently include recipes in their blog posts. This plugin allows bloggers to incorporate plain text, photos and recipes and creates blog entries with visually appealing layouts. Readers can also print recipes from blog posts.
Other Print Plugins
Other plugins for WordPress blogs include WP Print,  HP Blog Printing, Bunny’s Print CSS,  Dragon’s Print Hint and Author Highlight.  However, these plugins have not been updated since 2009 at the latest. As a result, these plugins may not be supported, and might not be compatible with the latest version of software.
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