As we are nearing the end, don’t miss the chance to read more about these useful guest blog posting tips and apply them with your guest blogging endeavors.
Secret #25: Write a killer bio
The only claim to fame that you can expect out of most guest blog posts will come by way of your bio. This is your little bit of space to shine, so make it count. Of course, this can be somewhat difficult given the limited word counts and space provided for bios. But being able to come up with a solid call to action is vital to the success of any guest blog post. You should also make sure to link to content that is relevant to the post.
Secret #26:  “More” isn’t necessarily “better” when it comes to guest blog posts
As mentioned previously, quality is one of the most important factors in successful guest blog posting. Sure it is a good thing to add guest blog posts on a regular basis, since it will help you expand your brand and increase your exposure to potential readers. However, just because you can churn out several posts in a short amount of time doesn’t mean that you should. It is important to keep in mind that Google prioritizes natural growth when determining ranking. You should therefore take the time to build slowly, and work toward a natural progression for your blog in order to get the best results.
Secret #27: Articles are the best type of content
Articles are considered the most effective vehicles for attracting web traffic, whether they are written for your own site or for article marketing purposes. However, you should remember that your content will not be seen if no one knows it exists. Although the major search engines will probably crawl your site anyway, you still need to implement basic SEO techniques in order to increase traffic.
Secret #28:  Google still likes guest blog posts
Because of how strict Google is with guest blog posts and how closely they monitor guest blogging practices, it is easy to get the impression that Google doesn’t like guest blog posts and would rather have them disappear entirely. This isn’t entirely true as Google personnel have said repeatedly, although there are right and wrong ways to post on guest blogs. Good guest blog posts help people find the relevant content they are looking for. On the other hand, guest blog posts written for spamming purposes or as part of a black hat strategy are likely to be frowned upon by Google.
Secret #29:  Guest blog posts can be used on more than just blogs
When guest blog posting, it would be beneficial to think creatively and “outside the box”. I understand that the term is guest BLOG post, but you can always benefit from stepping out of your comfort zone. Why not try submitting an article for an email newsletter, or coming up with content for a Facebook post? As crazy as it may sound, you may also want to submit articles to a magazine. There is a big, wide world outside the fairly limited blogosphere, and there are always outlets for putting out quality content.
Secret #30:  It’s okay to get paid for a guest blog post
There is certainly nothing wrong with getting paid for high quality content, and it is no different in the world of the guest blog post. Getting paid–or not getting paid–will not have any significant effect on how your content will be perceived, either by Google, the host of the blog, or the blog’s readers. In fact, guest blog posting can open up a nice, new revenue stream for you once you become really good at it and have built up a nice portfolio.
Secret #31:  Look for guest blog posts that allow you to have links within the post
Far too often, people limit themselves to having a link only in the bio section of the post. This is admittedly standard practice, and it works well for the most part. However, don’t discount the possibility of posting a link right in the body of the article. This SEO technique is especially effective when tied in with a relevant keyword. As always however, it is important to keep structure, flow, and relevance in mind, and not post a link wherever you want just because you can.
Secret #32: Don’t plan on getting published right away
One thing that you will soon realize about guest blog posting is that most established bloggers are on what is called a “blog schedule” or “blog calendar”. This means that even if your post is accepted, it will probably be a couple of weeks before you see it online. Keep this in mind when planning your bio links and your own blog schedule. While you should be prepared for your blog to be published at a moment’s notice, it is seldom that a blog post will be published right away.