Twitter is a great source for businesses that are serious about their online reputation. You can send out messages and promote your brand heavily, using the power of social media. The converse is true however; you don’t have any control over what other people are tweeting about you… or do you?
Two new tools have recently become active, allowing users of the Twitter social networking platform to manage their followers, who they are following, and what interactions on the website are relevant to the business approach. These unique applications are Mentionmapp and MyTweeple. While using Twitter alone can be powerful enough in some circumstances, these additional social media tools ensure that your online reputation is both managed and effective.

MentionMapp: Social Media App for Analyzing Business Progressions

One of the social media tools recently introduced is MentionMapp, an application aimed at making interactions easier on Twitter. When running or setting up a business, it is essential to build connections that are relevant to the industry you work in. With Twitter being a very active website – maintaining over 100 million frequently active users on the site – the ability to follow and be followed is sometimes out of sync with the crowd you want to attract. MentionMapp is a basic site, set out with a ‘spider gram’ approach, linking specific phrases, hash tags and tweets to particular environments.
This can be very useful for when business owners need to control and maintain their online reputation. It also allows for active promotion using Twitter. The simple search tool allows users to type in usernames, which bring up immediate results matching to a request. Following this search, the profile of the specified individual or organization will appear, with branches linking to associated pages. This is one of the best social media tools to utilize in order to stay on track of new trends, what is being said and who is presently focusing on the niche in sight.

MyTweeple: Social Media Management for Controlling Connections

The second of the newly innovated social media tools is MyTweeple. This application is ideal for controlling who connects with a business, individual or organization and who that user connects with. Managing who follows a user’s profile is beneficial to eliminate any unnecessary connections that will not be advantageous. Extra time that could be used in expanding and bringing new ideas to Twitter and business ventures can be eaten up by the time it takes overseeing who is following who. With MyTweeple, this is easily done by locating users by phrase or keyword, and analyzing whether they are a mutual follower and an appropriate follower.
This control allows the Twitter user to constantly have knowledge over any new connections that could be established as a way of promoting a business through tweets, in addition to understanding more about their present followers. Another valuable element of MyTweeple is its ability to allow users to be found promptly. Business progression is based on new interest, which can be found in the form of Twitter followers. Therefore with this social media tool up to 5,000 new users can be targeted, with the highest level of accuracy. The data access on these social media tools means personal or business accounts make the decision of following back far less complex.
If you’re serious about doing business online, you need to make sure that what you say about yourself and what you post on the Internet is relevant, original and informative. You also need to have a handle on what the rest of the world is saying about you so that your online reputation is always positive.
About the author: Veribo provides businesses and individuals with the tools and techniques to effectively manage and control their online reputation. With active monitoring and risk analysis, Veribo is able to pinpoint, analyse and manage your reputation online. With over 100,000 clients in 20 countries, Veribo offers online reputation repair services and brand management.