One of the best ways to learn about social media and how it can aid you and your business as it grows is to jump head first into it and start learning all of the ins and outs firsthand. But a little help never hurts either, and sometimes the quickest way to learning any and all new social media information is relying on others to point you the right way.
That’s what makes these five different Twitter accounts ones “must follows”: so you can stay up to speed with all the latest and greatest social media has to offer:

1. @SocialMedia2day – This Twitter account is known for perusing the Web and finding all of the information you need on social media happenings and social media marketing. If you’re hunting for specific information around the Web then just turn to this account to point you toward in the right direction. (Bio: #Publishing and #distribution of great posts by the world’s best thinkers on #SocialMedia best practices, tools and#socialmarketing.)
2. @SMExaminer – Looking for changes and recent developments in social media? Then look no further because @SMExaminer will have all of the current new, along with links to resources and articles that will help you maintain a competitive edge over your rivals. (Bio: Updates from Social Media Examiner. For questions, see account@mike_stelzner &
3. @mauricefreedman – It can be a little hard to determine who’s a real expert in the field of social media and who isn’t, since social media is still an evolving and emerging trend. However, Maurice Freedman can boast of his ability to develop apps for brands everyone knows, and for platforms like Facebook, iPhones, and iPads, just to name a few. Developing apps for heavy hitters like that pretty much makes him an expert on social media marketing and tech. (Bio: Thought leader, Social Media expert. Builds brands you know. Develops iPhone, iPad and Facebook apps you probably have installed.)
4. @SocialGuide – Equipped with everything that a business needs to know regarding social media, this account gives followers plenty of information to look forward to as they seek to perfect their marketing techniques. It’s one of the best guides out there! (Bio: Social media for business,Gold Coast,Australia.)
5. @SocialMedia411 – With this Twitter account’s inside scoop on everything happening in social media, you’re sure to find plenty of interesting information. Covering a range of topics – from Pinterest to Betty White joining Twitter – this account is full of just about everything you could ever want to know on the social Web, including those things you didn’t even realize you wanted to know! (Bio: Highly recommended by people who like things that don’t suck. Curated by @UniqueVisitor. BTW, check out @sezdotme.)
As social media continues to develop and improve it’s important to stay on top of everything that’s happening in the industry. And while you can definitely do so on your own, these Twitter feeds can give you a jump start at the very least.
Author Bio: This is a guest post from Laura Backes, she enjoys writing about all kinds of subjects and also topics related to internet providers in my area. You can reach her at: laurabackes8 at