Running a small business requires a ton of energy and effort to be successful. Business professionals have to multi-task, and sometime it becomes very tough to manage all the aspects of the business. Technology is here to make your life easier. Nowadays, most of the business executives own a smartphone- so we created a list of the top 5 apps for smart phone users.

Documents to Go: Sometimes you do not have your laptop or computer, and you want to get access to files in different formats such as PDF, Microsoft office and others. In such cases, you can install the app Document to go on your smartphone or iPhone. With the help of this app, you can easily view, share or edit your files in different formats in your mobile phone. It is quite helpful, when you are on a business trip.

Quickoffice Pro: Microsoft office is the most common operating software used in the office. This app makes it easy to access your documents on the go. If you want to get access to these documents in your smartphones, install Quickoffice Pro on your phone for full access. It will help you to share, edit, or create the Microsoft Office files in your mobile.

Evernote: Business is all about managing the important database of your organization. The document may be in the form of text, video, audio and images. You need to store them in a safe manner which is now very much possible with Evernote app. This allows you to get access to them whenever you want. This software is applicable for all smartphones, which can easily be downloaded.

Siri: Sometimes business professionals have to spend their whole day in office due to their crazy work load. They do not have time to look up info on the weather updates or flight status. Siri can help them to provide the information on the fly. It makes use of voice recognition software, and work as per your command. It’s like a digital assistant that you carry in your pocket.

DropBox: It is the best app in your smartphone by which you can share any types of documents that are related to your business. You can easily get access to images, videos, audio and presentation, stream videos etc. You can install it in your mobile for handling your business in an easy manner. Sign up here for Dropbox.
All these business apps are much effective for business professionals. Although, it is very much possible that all business apps may not be useful to every business but choosing a few good ones can really improve productivity. So, if you are a business leader and are still not using this amazing technology then go for it today and you will surely see the difference.
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