For more than one and a half decade, websites have turned out to be one of the best and the most effective method of doing business and making money. Previously the main and the only purpose of the website was to market a company’s name as well as its product over the shores, but now it has transformed into a dynamic platform via which one can actually sell products in the international market without any trouble.

With the evolution of technology, the mode of designing and development of websites have also been changed to masses, as in early times websites were designed over HTML technology, as none other than that was available. However, with the passage of time, the introduction of new technology and tools used for web design has forever been changed.
Following are the top 3 technologies that are being used in web design:

  • Ajax
  • Flash
  • PHP

Ajax can be said as the amalgamation of JavaScript and XML. Ajax is mainly used in the development of web applications that are interactive in nature. Ajax assists the developer in the variety of ways, as it allows the user to retrieve the data from its main server without making any changes in design, display or the color theme of the page, hence allowing the developer to retrieve anything he wants from the server without troubling or burdening himself. One of the best things that Ajax technology has to offer is that it does not need to make its trips to server for fetching information especially when coming across web interactive applications. This thing almost completely eliminates the need of going through the procedure of “Click & Waiting”.
Flash is normally used to add animations to a website, while its sole purpose is quite limited. It has been assumed that the designers use Flash in their website just because they have given their efforts in learning Flash. Besides everything else, there are a good number of drawbacks associated with it, as if you use Flash heavily in your website than the chances of your website for getting in top ten rankings would be reduced to masses, as it becomes difficult for search engine crawlers to crawl over the websites that use Flash heavily, hence affecting their search engine rankings to masses. It is always recommended that Flash should only be considered and used as an animation tool and a tool for playing videos online over websites etc.
PHP stands for Hyper Text Preprocessor, which was previously known as Personal Home Page. It is an open source scripting language that allows users to create new codes, extends them or can either change them for their own use. PHP is known to be the preferred scripting language of the programmers, as they consider it more stable and versatile than ASP. PHP makes the web pages more interactive and is known to be the first choice of the programmers and designers when it comes to the development of Framework, however it was originally developed to make websites much more dynamic.
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