The most prolific marketing campaigns today happen on the Internet. After all, why pass up an opportunity to reach out to thousands of people inexpensively and quickly? If you don’t yet have the resources to hire Internet marketing professionals or SEO rockstars, don’t worry: just use your smartphone as your essential marketing tool. Check out these mobile apps that will help you in enhance your presence on the Web and drive your business:

Raven Tools

It’s a free (but there is a subscription charge) and all-inclusive toolkit, with an on-the-go dashboard for all of the website campaigns you’re managing. Raven Tools also covers SEO indicators often ignored by other similar apps: social mentions, connection between marketing expenditure and incomes.

Yelp (for Mobile)

Users can interact with business owners in this app, so you should use this to listen to what your customers are saying. Keep checking in to spots where you go often and write good reviews. The ripple effect will see the favor returned to you. Stay in touch with your customers and you can even reward them for their loyalty. Foursquare is another app very similar to Yelp.


This great SEO app helps you scrutinize indicators like density of keywords and activity on social networking sites. You can also skim rankings on Google, Alexa, Yahoo!, and other sites. This will help you see what content creates flutters, and what leaves readers utterly unmoved. You can even spy on your competitors and see how they are doing.

Groupon (Mobile)

This app delivers amazing local deals directly to users; the deals could be for services, entertainment, groceries, and many more products. Use the Groupon app to promote your business’ own special offers, exclusives, and promotions!

Google Analytics

This is a free Web analytics app that lets you know exactly what’s happening on your sites like number of visitors, repeat visitors, the time they spend on the sites, people who referred them to the site, location of visitors and so on. You can use one of several methods to compare and analyze the info and assess your performance. With it, you’ll also be able to see real-time statistics, customizable dashboards and intelligence events on your phone.

Google Places (Google+ Local)

Make sure your business or service is listed here, and you can be sure that your customers will find you. Not only do you get to establish your presence on the world’s most used search engine, you also get featured reviews and ratings from your customers. (For more on the service, check out Review Trackers’ essential guide to Google+ Local.)

Link Juice

One of the best SEO apps, Link Juice shows you which pages have performed the best in search. It also allows you to see the in-depth link analysis results for a domain, sub-domain or page from the SEO industry’s leading data providers.


This iPhone app shows you your AdSense accounts’ history so that you are up-to-date on the activities happening there. It displays the daily, weekly or monthly revenues generated. Your transactions are also secure with SenseEarn.

YP Yellow Pages (YP Mobile)

This great local search app is free for smartphone users, and is one of the first places potential customers look up to find local businesses, entertainment options and restaurants. So you can imagine the advantage you have if you are listed there. YPmobile also provides access  to comprehensive business listings, including ratings, reviews, business details, open hours, and other essential information.


This social media marketing app is great because it lets you interact with a community of customers, fans, and followers on Twitter. You can also upload videos or photos of your products and services, as well as look at the trending topics and proactively start conversations with users  about your business.

Bonus: Review Trackers

This Web-based, mobile-friendly app tracks all of your online reviews in one central location. It features enterprise-level tools and reporting to show you how each business location is performing, and to help you identify problems quickly and track your performance. You can access the Review Trackers client dashboard 24/7 on your smartphone, tablet, and other Web-enabled mobile devices.
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