Technology constantly affects the way that we are doing business. Without technology, our business is slower, less efficient, and if we chose to ignore the changes, our business could suffer dramatically. One of the best business tools that has revolutionized the way we do business is the Mac by Apple. With the Mac (iMac, iPad, MacBook, iPhone), connecting business deals, emails, and even live conferences, can happen with simplicity. The innovative design offers so many benefits to business users around the world. With a large interactive screen you can be networking, staying on task, and most importantly making money for your business with the click of a mouse. Developers know the advantages of using an iMac as a business tool, and have made some great apps to match, many of which are free. Here are the top ten FREE business apps as ranked on iTunes for your Mac!

10. Chimport

Chimport is a business tool that allows you to export contacts from Apple addresses, and add them to your subscriber list. This tool is the simplest way to send bulk mail to subscribers to a website, blog, or for product information. This app does require a MailChimp account, but it is virtually the simplest way to add contacts to your subscriber list.

9. MOAppsFreeNotes

As you might have guessed this application is designed to help you to keep some great notes. Notes are designed to be easy to use, and have substantial speed. Some of the features they offer are E-mail address detection, a global hotkey, iTunes search, creating notes with mouse or clipboard, and you can also export and print notes. This is the best way to keep notes for reminders to stay on top of everything and keep important tasks in your mind.

8. SEO Tool for iWeb

This is the perfect tool for web designers, bloggers, and SEO professionals. This is the most effective way to effectively optimize your site, with no hardships. This tool allows you to add custom meta tags, title tags, and even alternate words for images. This is done with ease. If you have this app along with link building services, your site will definitely be climbing the rankings.

7. iDocument Lite

This app is hands down best way to organize all of your documents on your Mac computer. It automatically submits your data, and allows you to easily search, import, export, and duplicate all documents. Very quick and powerful search capabilities. The only down side of this app is the Lite version only allows for 500 documents at a time. If you have more some will simply be left out.

6. Billings Pro

Billings Pro is the best way to track billing, time, and other various data. You can have this app up and running in 5 minutes. It features automatic data backup, and you run on your own server. Monthly subscriptions or license numbers are needed, but this is definitely worth the subscription. This is a superior solution for managing company-wide time billing.

5. PocketCloud Companion

The PocketCloud app allows you to access your Mac from your iPad, iPod, or iPhone. You no longer need to bring that laptop with you to make important presentations, or make important changes to documents. This is the best way to perform business on the run. You can also use PC computers and Android phones or tablets when using this application. This is a secure remote desktop application.

4. Smart Recorder Lite

This app is a fully functional smart recorder. The Lite version limits you to only three minutes, but is perfect for making small notes, and can be used for voice when explaining short tutorial videos. This app can keep you on task, and can ensure you are not forgetting important obligations, client meetings, and deadlines.

3. Domain Name Analyzer

Domain Name Analyzer is a powerful domain research software program. It fuses keywords to make possible domain name matches, and instantly checks to see which ones are available. This is the perfect app for web designers or SEO professionals.

2. Yellow Pages

The Internet has made the classic Yellow Pages obsolete. The new Yellow pages is a simple way to find anything you need for your business. You can customize your exact location, and even add your business to the contacts. Feel free to make shortcuts for favorites and search through over 60 million listings. Surely you will find what you are looking for.

1. FaxDocument

FaxDocument lets you do the faxing you need without the outdated bulky fax machines. Although fees can be included it is not a subscription and faxes are paid for only when needed. This is the perfect app for small businesses, and freelancers.
There it is. The top ten business Mac applications that are free. These apps are the perfect items to manage, and organize your business. With a smoother business more money can flow in, and you can concentrate on different tasks without being bogged down.
About the author: This article was written by Ben Anderson. Ben is an internet freelance writer, and an advocate of Apple Products.