Web design is an important aspect when creating your website. It is vital that you learn and understand the importance of simply using your web design to add in more SEO to your site. SEO is getting tough to deal with because of all the new algorithms and changes like the Google Panda updates which causes Google to take down several sites off of their first page. Gone are the days when you can create an article or a free blog and see it ranked after creating just a few backlinks via article directories. In this article, you are going to learn about the importance of SEO and how you can use your web design to help catapult your search engine rankings.

What is web designing SEO?
Web design and the graphics are important for increasing your chances of getting your site ranking high on Google. The truth is that SEO can be done through all sorts of ways on your site, but your graphics and the way your site is designed can truly help enhance your chances of getting better SEO results and rankings.
– Do not use a splash page
The most common web design mistake people make is a splash page that says “Click here to visit our website”. The enter link that people actually use is embedded on the flash part of the website, and this aspect stops the web spiders from viewing the main webpage right away. Your homepage is what the search engines see first , and if a splash page is what you use first, you just jeopardized your chances of better SEO. Avoid using a splash page whenever you can.
– Flash Content
It is important to use graphics on a website whenever you can to help enhance the look of your site. Some designers like to put their keywords in images or flash images on their website. This isn’t going to be seen by the search engines. Avoid thinking that the search engines can view those words. They will not index them when they see those words. You need to make sure that you use flash content when you can but place those keywords in the right areas.
How will those tips help in today’s generation?

The truth is that your website needs to look nice, but you must remember about the importance of adding good and professional SEO to your site to help enhance its performance. There are some people who are actually shocked at what the graphics can do. Make sure that when you input those keywords on your site that you always put them in text format or they show in your tags and posts. Try to put your keywords in anchor text as often as you can.
SEO is one of the most powerful things in the internet. But, the truth of the matter is that SEO is oftentimes forgotten in the eyes of web designers. Make sure that you always use different kinds of graphics without ever jeopardizing your site’s SEO.