Blogs have increasingly become valuable multimedia hubs where personal bloggers and companies provide information through all types of media in various categories of interest. When bloggers write posts and get them published, they expect readers to find them. The fact, however, is that your blog is one among millions of others – probably even hundreds of millions – existing in the Web universe. Instead of waiting to be discovered, you need to find a way of telling the world that you exist.
The best way of doing this is to promote your blog to social media sites. Once your post is published at your ‘hub’, you should let your followers and fans find the post where they hang out. With more than 200 million Twitter users and about 800 million on Facebook, having your post promoted through social media is crucial in giving your blog much needed exposure.

There are several major platforms where you can publish and enable people to share your content.
Once the post has been published on your blog, you can use the link to update your Facebook page. Once you upload it, your fans will be notified.
Tweet the post several times once it gets published. In addition, remember to retweet your older, valuable articles, which will continue to offer inspiring content and resources on Twitter. This, hopefully, will make your readers ask for more.

When you publish your posts to LinkedIn, your connections and visitors will view them in their updates and feeds. If your post is seen as a valuable resource, it will be shared again, multiplying the effect.
At a minimum, you should place a Facebook ‘share’, a ‘Tweet’ and ‘LinkedIn’ button on your posts, preferably at the top. This will make it easy for your readers to share the posts on their platform of choice. These social media channels have been very effective in promoting my own blog (which features weight watchers coupons and diet discounts).

A video that is worth sharing needs to be uploaded on YouTube, and then should be embedded in your blog.

Images and photos that are used on your blog can be published or uploaded via Picasa or Flickr.

PowerPoint Presentations
If you have presentations that you would like to share, you can have them published on Slideshare and then embedded in your blog. This will enable Slideshare citizens to share your valuable content.
Another benefit of promoting and sharing onto social media and social networking outposts is that SEO will improve considerably. Getting found on Bing and Google will be enhanced drastically, as social media sites are starting to factor more heavily in search rankings and performance.
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