Internet marketing can sound intimidating to some people because they have this preconceived notion that you need to be a computer geek or someone with a fancy IT degree to be able to do it. The good news is that if you already have a website – which in itself is an achievement – then you can handle internet marketing. Internet marketing is simply marketing on the internet. The core principles of marketing remain the same as with a brick and mortar business. The difference is the way you go about accomplishing your marketing objectives. Here are the basics.

Customers to You
The last thing you want to become in business is the best kept secret. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows you to direct massive traffic to your website. A search engine is how people find stuff on the internet (Google).  Having a high ranking in the seo results makes it easier for people to find your business. Use keywords that accurately describe or relate to your business too. For example, if you sell flowers, then your keywords should be flowers, wedding flowers etc. Totally avoid irrelevant, long or complicated keywords. Remember to keep it simple. Also, write articles (content) that pertain to your business in the form of giving advice, and post them on related blogs in the industry. Be sure to include links to your website in these articles. A useful article will encourage people to visit your site.
More On Content
The average person hates to read long, drawn out information about anything. In order to ensure that you keep the attention of your visitors and have them coming back for more follow these tips:

  • Keep your text short and to the point. Information should be about what the visitor or customer can gain and less about you.
  • Entice you visitors by using penetrative pricing. This is where you offer a product at a low price in order to gain market share or simply create repeat customers.
  • Avoid flashy graphics (unless it is absolutely necessary) because it is distracting and while you may impress and entertain your visitors; it rarely helps in converting them into customers.
  • Include opt-in on your website so that you can send special offers while simultaneously building a valuable database for future reference.

Clear Contact Information
Ensure that customers can easily find all your contact information on your website. How it works is that if you give great service then it will spread through word of mouth. And for a customer to be able to pass on your physical address or phone contact to someone else will help booster sales. Additionally, it does not hurt to use Google maps.
Update Your Website Regularly
This goes without saying, yet many website owners fall into the trap of thinking that it only needs to be updated, if there is a sale or special event. A stagnant website has the feel of an empty store to your visitors which will make them quickly move on. The opposite is true with a frequently updated website where your visitors will feel as though something exciting is allows happening in your business. And this will encourage them to remain longer. The longer they remain the more likely they will make a purchase.
Action Words
When we hear the words ‘free,’ ‘100% guarantee,’ ‘limited-offer,’ it somehow triggers a response in us to impulse buy. Subtly include these words (and others like it) in your text to produce a response. Now that your visitors are ready to buy ensure that your customers know your site is 100% hacker-safe. And once the check-out process is fast and easy to use, then your sale is guaranteed. All of these marketing tips used together will increase your chances of marketing success on a local level.
About the Author
Justine Hughes writes about marketing, business and more. She owes her success to her MBA, and so she frequently writes on how to find affordable mba programs.