Hello digital world,  welcome to Friday!  Usually I try to bring you something SEO heavy or content pertaining to digital marketing.  However, since Friday’s are fun and usually we’re shut off from work by 11am, I thought I would bring you guys something fun and hilarious.  First off, I realize throwback is usually used with Thursdays, but do you realize how few words start with the letter F? (Scrabble Heros chime in please)
For my very first Throwback Friday, I want to show you something I happened to stumble upon a few weeks ago.  It is an old outdated website that hasn’t changed since Bill Clinton was President!!  Now you’re probably thinking, “Ok this is probably some website for a failed business or congressmen who lost an election.”
You are wrong.
I present to you… Space Jam

With the quality websites we see today it’s nostalgic to see websites like this that could have been made with Angelfire or Geocities.
Enjoy your weekend all!