It’s that time of the year once again: the time to make lists, review what has happened in the last twelve months, and look back at some of the year’s highlights.
It’s no different here at Lakeshore Branding. As you probably know by now, we’re very passionate about all things online. And that’s why we work hard to bring you news, trends, tips, tricks, and the occasional top secrets on Internet marketing, social media, technology and apps, etc. So, as 2010 comes to a close and we herald the coming of a new year, we thought it would be a cool idea to check out Lakeshore Branding’s top 5 blog posts of 2010.

60 Awesome Small Business WordPress Themes

This blog post was inspired by the small business owners who are dedicated to finding solutions to enhance their visibility online. And since we were getting a lot of questions about where they might find business-oriented WordPress themes, or how they might integrate it into their existing sites, we thought it would be great if we could come up with the list.
Sixty. That’s the number of WordPress themes – free and premium – that are on the list. If you haven’t checked it out, please do so! And, should you decide to kick off 2011 by choosing one of these themes, feel free to give us a call. We’d be more than glad to help.

Compiled List of The Top Online Presentation Tools and Apps Today

One of the tech revolutions that marked the year 2010 was the continued emergence of apps. Next year, expect that to continue, especially since mobile browsing is about to get bigger than ever.
So is mobile productivity. Indeed, there’s more to today’s smartphones than just fun, games, and social. That’s why we created a compiled list of the top online presentation tools and apps today. Choose from any of the fifteen that are listed, whether you’re in a taxi rushing off to a boardroom meeting or preparing your sales presentation for an online meeting with channel partners and customers. Unlike with Microsoft PowerPoint, there’s no need to work offline; all you need is an Internet-enabled browser or device.

Ultimate List of Top 29 Tools for Competitive Intelligence

We’re currently updating this ultimate list – so keep an eye out for that. (It’s coming soon!) In the meantime, try your hand at any of the tools that we compiled to help you conduct your marketing research online – and monitor what your competitors are up to.
The list includes tools for keyword research and forecast, website tracking, analytics, webpage readability, and even social popularity and sentiment. Oh – and don’t worry. While these tools make it oh-so-easy to spy on the competition, all of them are completely legal.

Ten Essential Apple iPad Apps for Small Business

Perhaps the biggest newsmaker in technology this year was the Apple iPad. Critics hailed it as nothing more than a giant iPod Touch, but the tablet device does look very sexy and sleek. It’s also smarter than everyone originally thought.
Smart enough for small business owners, too: this is why we created a list of ten essential iPad apps for small business. As a device designed for consuming all kinds of content on the Internet, the iPad also doubles as a great tool for enhancing productivity on the go.

How to Create Your Linkedin Company Profile

Social media is a landscape that continues to expand. And it’s not just because of Facebook and Twitter. Thanks to the steady growth of LinkedIn, businesses and professionals have a great social media tool for increasing their visibility, expanding their network, and establishing their professional identity.
The first step to leveraging LinkedIn, of course, is creating that all-important profile. To help our readers, we thus created a step-by-step guide on how to do just that. It’s all according to the industry’s best practices – nothing less, of course! – with bonus tips for better optimization and easier engagement.

So there you go: Lakeshore Branding’s top 5 blog posts of 2010. Next year, we’ll do our best to be even more awesome, so if you’d like us to blog about a certain topic, or write more about your favorite Internet marketing tool or trend, just leave a comment below.