Erma Bombeck, a popular American humorist, complains that her children refused to eat anything that did not dance on TV. That is the power and popularity of marketing and advertisements. Internet marketing is no exception in this regard. While it goes without saying that proper planning and hard work is the key to marketing success, there are few smart ways to excel in Internet business.

This article talks more about some of the best and most efficient applications and tools that help you market your business on the Internet.
1. Evernote
Like the Google Docs, Evernote helps you organize your notes, to-do lists and ideas and this online tool stays right on your desktop. In other words, Evernote is a place for your entire brain dump so that they can be clearly and effectively organized. The tool automatically syncs all your contents into its online storage website such that they can be accessed from anywhere in the world. They can be better organized in the form of folders and categories.
2. Google Reader
The Google Reader is a gem when it comes to marketing, productivity and content management. With RSS feeds in Google Reader, you do not have to care about magazines and newspapers or even watch the news every day. The tool allows you to organize your blogs by using folders to categorize subscriptions. Consolidate and view contents and use them not just for your purpose but share them with followers in Facebook and Twitter.
3. TweetDeck
TweetDeck is one of the best Twitter applications for your desktop. It is a tool that gives you a column-based view of different replies, tweets, messages and other lists. You can also create custom notifications for audio and visual alerts when specific messages or tweets appear. TweetDeck supports complete integration of Facebook for both personal and fan page profiles. Tweets can be set to be automatically sent at a specific date and time just in case you are not available at that time. It is also capable of synchronizing with your Twitter account for actively keeping a close watch on everything you want to stay connected to.
4. Twitter
The Twitter, itself is an effective online marketing tool. Twitter is one of the most happening things on the net and so it is a no-brainer knowing that you have to be a part of it in order to help your marketing strategies. A Twitter search enables you to make custom searches and create RSS feeds to enter them into Google Reader. You can view and monitor them along with you blogs and Google Alerts. Google Reader acts like a hub for contents online and your market search.
5. Google Alerts
This tool is extremely useful to track and monitor information and data that pertain to a certain niche. Alerts can be set for specific keyword search or a group of keywords. After this, you can add RSS feeds for searches in Google Reader such that you can see the alerts along with other things you need to monitor.
6. Google Calendar
Google’s calendar application is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to effectively and efficiently share your calendar contents with your team members. You can also grant them permission levels depending on how much you want them to access (read-only access, read/write access etc). You can manage different calendar contents and other important elements differentiating them by color coding. You can maintain all the essential contents like inviting members, recruiting appointments and all other reminders and daily agenda that might be helpful for your daily activities.
7. Gmail
Gmail is the best email client by a far distance. The other advantage of using a Gmail account is the number of Google products you can get access to. A Gmail account combined with a number of other Google products offer you user-friendly online service, simple search options and filter options that will help you organize all your emails well. You have tons of storage options and the content here can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Most services are free and you can setup your own custom emails in no time. The Mailplane application is sold for $20 and is just great as a desktop client for Gmail. It makes navigating a bit quicker and easier than using the Gmail website.
These application and tools may not make a direct impact on your Internet marketing result. But they are certainly handy in making your work lighter and more efficient.
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