If you were putting together the pieces to a puzzle in how best to grow your small business, which pieces would you say were still missing going into 2013?

While it may take you a few minutes to think about that question, hopefully it is one you were toying with when the new year recently kicked off. If not, you’d better spend some time determining what it will require to take your company to new heights over the following months.
In some cases, it can be simple things like devoting more efforts to customer service, spending more time on who you hire, increasing your advertising and marketing budgets to better promote your brand, or even investing more time and energy into social media. But what if it is something along the technological lines that you haven’t been doing up to now?
For some companies, improving their overall business operation can be as simple as turning to and locating better Ethernet service.
In the event you’re not quite up to speed (literally) on Ethernet service, here are some things to focus in on:
1. Speeding up my business approach – If you didn’t already know, Ethernet can assist you and your team in providing better efficiency to handle daily duties, which translates to better customer service. There are different forms of Ethernet available including T1 lines, Gigabit Ethernet and Metro Ethernet, which basically means a MAN or metropolitan area network. With the right business Ethernet, you can select a bandwith from 2 Mbps up to 45 Mbps. For those business owners seeking reliable, fast upload and download speeds, Ethernet is the broadband of choice;

2. What will I pay? – Like any good business owner, you always think about and review the price of any product or service you purchase, especially in a topsy-turvy economy. As you shop for the perfect Ethernet service provider, consider what bandwidth size you will require to meet the needs of your customers and your employees to conduct business. As you search for providers, make sure you review their price plans, look for any hidden fees, understand their contract terminology, and get a solid understanding on their customer service approach. The last thing you want is to have a problem with your service, yet not get timely assistance, something that could cost you potential sales with customers. You may be hesitant to spend a little extra money for a more reliable provider, but then again, do you want to be dealing with constant interruptions and added costs every time a fix is needed? Remember, time is money, so investing a little extra money now can pay off greatly down the road;
3. Buy with growth in mind – Finally, any small business owner hopes that growth for their company is a reality and not a dream. With that being said, shop for the right Ethernet for your business with the idea that you will be expanding your operations sooner rather than later. If you find yourself requiring more bandwidth, that is typically a sign that business Ethernet makes sense for your company, allowing you to put multiple employees on the same circuit all at once. The more your employees promote your brand, the better returns you get on your overall business investment.
About the Author
With 23 years of experience as a writer, Dave Thomas covers a wide array of small business topics, including finding the right ethernet services.