In our day and age, technology permeates every aspect of daily life. We wake up to electronic alarm clocks. We drive to work in computer equipped cars, and find our way with global positioning devices. We spend our days connecting to the world through computer screens, and smart phones tapped into wireless networks that bring the whole world to our fingertips. In this age of technological miracles, some brands have risen above all others to become leaders in the industry. These brands are the most trustworthy players in technology, and they’ve gained their status through years of innovation, customer service, and reliability.

Apple is indisputably one of the most popular brands in technology today–some would even argue that Apple is number one. Part of this successful brand reputation has come from Apple’s many technological innovations. They were the first to perfect MP3 player technology with the introduction of the iPod, and their iPhone set the stage for smart phone manufacturers everywhere. Ever since the 80’s, however, Apple has been making some of the most popular personal computers on the market. The easy to use interface of Macintosh computers combined with their resistance to viruses and infections have combined with other factors to put Apple among the most trustworthy technology brands in the world.
In the world of electronics, some brands have consistently provided products that are on the cutting edge of technology, that stand up to the test of time, and that consistently operate on a level above the rest. Canon, a leading manufacturer in imaging technology, consistently ranks high among customers as the most trustworthy brand for items like cameras and printers. It’s tough to find an office in the world that doesn’t have a Canon printer in it, and the brand is popular with home users as well. For everything from amateur photography and document printing to professional grade imaging, Canon is trusted brand that never disappoints.
In the world of laptop PCs, the most trusted brands are not always the ones with the most exposure. Many would expect Dell to rank high among the most trustworthy tech brands, but their popularity has waned in recent years. The laptop PC market’s new favorite is Asus, a relatively low profile company from Taiwan. Asus provides low cost laptop and desktop computers that rival any of the more popular brands on the market. They can afford to provide high quality computers at competitive, PC wholesale prices because they don’t spend millions on marketing like most brands do. For reliable computers and no nonsense, Asus is trusted worldwide.
In the world of technology, the most trustworthy brands are those that have established a positive business reputation with a wide customer base over time. Apple is universally trusted by users all over the world for everything from desktop computers to mobile devices. In the world of imaging, Canon rises above the rest. And for budget friendly computers that outshine the competition, no other brand can hold a candle to Asus.