So I thought since I was taking the week off I would put the focus on google. We all know that google will eventually take over the free world but many people are not aware of some of the free services that they offer, because they have so many! So I will take some time this week to talk about some of the services that can help small business and that are kind of cool.

For todays post I am going to talk about google text. This amazing SMS technology brings google search right to your phone. Not everyone out there can afford the internet on their phone but many of us have splurged for the unlimited texting (my self included). You can ask google the weather in your zip code. Try it right now text weather (your zip code) to 466453 (‘GOOGLE’ on most devices). It sends an instant reply with the local weather. You can search for local business listing, movie times, directions and even see if your flight is running on time.

Google you have done it again. As google spills over to the mobile world, expect to see more advancements in the future. Maybe even the Gphone? Maybe even the ability to log onto the Google wireless network? So that you can have free wifi on your phone and computer. Who knows, I would like to see google win the spectrum bid but it will be about a year till we see who the winner of the auction is.