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Making money is a necessary element for any business. You have to support yourself and your family if you’re to successfully escape the daily grind lifestyle for one of awesome nonconformity. It’s a fact.

If this fact doesn’t sit well with you then we’ll wish you on your merry way. No harm, no foul. And definitely no hurt feelings. Thanks for stopping by!

But for those, like us, sweating away in the trenches of unconventional living, what follows is how we make money. Integrity is a core principle of Lakeshore Branding. So we’re not holding anything back. This is how we support ourselves, pay the Lakeshore Branding bills, and keep the lights on here.

Our No Shenanigans Promise

What you need to know upfront is that we value your trust above all else. Hence, we go to great lengths to only endorse products/services or create our own that are of incredible value and overall awesomeness!

And although we do have advertisements, we’ve very careful in our handpicking of those ads. We don’t allow a carpet-bombing of ridiculous ads for asinine products/services touted by funny-looking puppets (real or artificial).

Lastly, we offer these product and service recommendations for your consideration only. There is no arm-twisting here. You have no obligation to buy anything!

We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

If you do buy something via us, thank you! We really appreciate it because Lakeshore Branding couldn’t exist without your support. Cheers!

Affiliates and Affiliations

Contrary to popular belief, not all online information products/services are shams. In fact, there are some truly remarkable offers out there that can radically improve your life and aid you on your quest towards growing your business and improving your life.

We try to bring those products/services to your attention. Certainly not all that are out there – only those that we know to be great, use ourselves, and fully trust.

Thus, if there is a link that leads you to another website where you have the option to buy something, you should assume this is an affiliate link and that we’re potentially getting a commission from the referral.

Mind you, not all links on Lakeshore Branding are affiliate links. In fact, most probably aren’t. We link out to a lot of goodness that in no way, shape, or form generates revenue for us. But to be safe and set your expectations appropriately, please adhere to this assumption


Yes, we have paid advertisements. But as stated above, we are very careful in the handpicking of those ads. These ads may be contextual and/or paid placement.

We’ll disclose any paid advertisements held directly within any Lakeshore Branding post.


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