With the advent of the information technology, lots of companies have come to utilize backup data storage and cloud storage which has became a major source of income for the IT companies. However, there’s always a question of reliability and credibility whenever it comes to the internet and IT. Most or some businesses don’t really like the cloud storage options for data storage and seek alternatives for cloud storage.

When the majority of online businessmen really want to go way beyond their off-site data storage, they opt for cloud storage only. There are some really convenient solutions if you don’t like the cloud storage solutions. However, these solutions ideally work for the personal computer systems.
1. Applications
Now there are several applications for different operating systems, which help you store your data on another computer or share your files with another person. The techniques remain similar whenever it comes to syncing or file updating etc. Most of the applications offer a free trial for a month at least; including Windows Home Server, FreeNAS, Amahi and Apple Time Capsule etc.
2. External Hard Drive
The basic technique of the cloud storage is to store the data on an external drive. You can simply do this on your computer system also. Use 2 hard drives for your computer by maintaining one as external drive and one as internal drive. Maintain the external drive for full data storage. However, you should frequently switch the drives with each other in order to keep an eye on the old data also.
3. Applications For File Syncing
Sharing or syncing the files with other computer systems depend on what you desire to do with the files. There are applications like Windows Live Mesh which sync multiple computer systems with each other. By using these applications, a person does not require to use any ‘live sharing drive’ type of thing. The only problem with this technique is that you will require keeping both or multiple machines switched on at the same time.
4. Remote Access To Files
Remote control systems are used as substitutes for bringing in minor or major changes in a few files, shared on multiple systems. The Windows computer systems provide the option of accessing your computer system from anywhere around the globe by simply entering your IP address. There are some applications for accessing your files through any computer, and even a mobile device also, for example LogMeln. IOS requires applications developed especially for iPad, iPhone, Mac and other Apple products.
5. Media Server
Music, videos and movies can be very conveniently shared through the media servers. The media servers are specially programmed for the different operating systems. These media servers connect several computers together and enable music, video or any media file sharing easy and flexible.
Some of the computer syncing applications contains a built-in media server like Amahi.
BONUS TIP: For all the aforementioned tricks, you will require a fast internet connection.
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