The times they are a-changin’. And so are newspapers.
In a move that might soon herald the next era in journalism and news publishing, and in what could propel Apple iPad as a true game-changing tablet device, Apple and News Corporation are set to launch a highly-anticipated tablet-exclusive digital newspaper called The Daily.

According to reports by Yahoo! News’ “The Cutline”, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs and News Corporation’s will introduce The Daily in an event expected to take place on January 19 at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Reports that Murdoch was investing in a tablet publication had first spread summer of last year. It has since continued to take shape at News Corp.’s New York headquarters, with the company reportedly having hired as much as 100 journalists – from media firms such as the New Yorker, The Daily Beast, The New York Times, Forbes, AOL, and Politico – and committed $30 million for the first year of The Daily.

Each edition of the digital newspaper will cost $0.99; it will have no print or online edition, as The Daily is to be delivered only through Apple’s popular tablet device, the iPad. Like other iPad publications, The Daily will be enhanced by video and interactive content, and perhaps even 3D features.
Spokespersons for either Apple or News Corp. have not commented at this time, but there’s been a steady leak of information on the project, including reports on The Daily’s high-profile editorial team.