If you’ve grown up using social media as a casual tool to waste time with then you’ve already got an advantage over anyone who hasn’t when it comes to finding a job. You’re not only more familiar with the setup and functionality of how social media works, but it’s probably second nature for you to communicate this way. That’s right, social media has a lot more to offer than just getting acquainted with random people on the internet. This can really be considered as a breakthrough of sorts with the way this technology has helped alleviate the unemployment rate. This means using it as a tool for something more productive than chatting to friends is less effort – and can yield huge results. Anyone that has never used social media will probably feel overwhelmed by the way it works, how and when to use it and what its impact could even be. Popular as it may be, there are still those who have yet to harness what social media has to offer. Below are a few tips here and there which can help the tech savvy as well as the novices what to do in order to stay ahead.

1. Make sure you separate work and play
The fact is that these days potential employers WILL look you up on Facebook before getting you in for an interview. The smartest way to navigate this possibility is to ensure that you have one account for play, and one for business. On the play one you can post as many drunken pictures as you like while declaring your right wing political views and spitting venom, but on the business one you need to  maintain your professionalism and portray your absolute best, most hirable side.
2. Show off your social media abilities
When checking you out on social media, potential employers want to see that you not only know how to use the tools you have, but that you know how to use them well. Having a blog, for instance, is great, but having a video blog is even better.
3. Showcase your life outside of work
We know we said you need to be business-y in point one, but we never said you needed to be boring. Employers are not only looking for people that might be good at their jobs, they want people who are good at life too. By displaying some of your interests you’ll highlight parts of your character that may be appealing to prospective bosses. This will work if you’re a volunteer or a sky diving enthusiast, for instance – but definitely not if you’re in some kind of hate club or a satanic, death metal, clown group.
4. Use more than one social media platform
Show that you’re up to date with industry trends and display your online savvy by using more than one social media platform – Facebook may be the most prominent, but sharing stuff on Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms will showcase your ability to multitask.
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