Marketing Sherpa, a trusted resource that publishes useful news, case studies, and best practices data about Internet and integrated marketing, recently released the new Social Media Marketing Benchmark Report.

It’s a robust guide that contains research, charts and tables, case studies, and trends in today’s ever-evolving Internet marketing industry. Over 2,000 marketers participated in the surveys conducted by Marketing Sherpa, surveys which covered topics such as strategy, forecasting, budgeting, integration with other marketing channels, social applications, and social media. It is meaty: 197 charts and tables, 14 chapters, 255 pages, and results from research conducted with 2,317 business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketers.

The benchmark report also introduced a ROAD Map, which stands for the Research, Objectives, Actions, and Devices that businesses and marketers would have to determine in crafting and implementing a social media strategy. Because social media is continuously evolving, one has to consider this ROAD Map, which is meant to help businesses and marketers stay abreast of social media and leverage it to their success.

One of the intriguing statistics presented in the report is that social media budgets are normally higher than SEO budgets. Not only does this reflect social media’s increasing impact and relevance in Internet marketing; it also demonstrates how SEO is now viewed as being integrated with a bigger world, or a bigger industry, one in which rankings aren’t the only things that matter. (Indeed, Page One on Search Engine Results Pages is no longer the Holy Grail for Internet marketers today; one would have to factor in social mentions and search results from sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

The report promises to present equally valuable insights and strategies – for which we here at Lakeshore Branding think it’s high time. The World Wide Web, after all, is getting more social every day, and as Internet marketers we cannot rest on our laurels and think no one’s already thinking of the next step.

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