If a wide research can be made on the views and perceptions from different experts, then a super flexible list of  “how to” tips in order to increase the popularity of your blog can be made. Any blog can be successful if it utilizes the proper techniques for effective blogging. If the purpose of which can be revealed as a pre-determined destination, then the ultimate results can be gained. For this reason the execution of goals should be analyzed first. But most of us get stuck on that part. Here are some of the solutions to determine the scope of an effective blogging campaign that can yield highly satisfactory results.

Effective Blogging Tips
· When people think about blogging, the first thing that comes to mind is choosing a platform. And when people think about a blogging platform, it’s not that far off when people decide to choose WordPress. In all simplicity, WordPress is a great open source management system with the latest blogging tools.
· WordPress allows for good optimization. This factor alone can be considered as any blogger’s greatest asset. WordPress has the best plugins for search engine optimization. To know the exact score on a post, a premium plugin can be used. It also yields specific keywords that helps in tagging. WordPress also boasts constant version updates along with their plugins.
· Never underestimate the power of a well designed blog. Proper web layout and good navigation features go a long way in. Between keeping your viewers or visitors interested in your site, a user friendly web design is a must. You can’t expect visitors to stick around your site when they can’t even navigate to a page they wish to go to without straining their eyes just looking for the sitemap. Also, a share button is an extremely significant feature. This not only allows ease in which to get the word out about your blog but this makes it easier for your viewers to share stuff that interests them at the touch of a button.
· Content really is king. A good blog informs its readers of what is and why things are such. A brilliant blog will do the same and so much more. It will keep you glued to its content from start to finish. It will captivate its readers and make them your loyal followers. It is through this simple, yet effective technique in which your blog will achieve popularity.
· To increase the quality of your blog content, proper research should be made before deciding what you want to input. Menial as it seems, keyword research is a very important part of writing an effective blog.
The tips aforementioned are just guidelines in which any dedicated blogger may do so to achieve effective blogging results. Though these tips are sound and effective, that is all they are – tips. Gaining popularity with your blog is something that differs highly on a case-to-case basis. Finding that “brilliance” is something every blogger must strive to achieve.
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