Information is what makes the world go around and new ideas are what change the world for the better. So how do you get those ideas and that information out into the world for people to see? One way is through social media and it continues to be one of the fastest growing ways that people communicate thoughts and ideas. It is how people communicate with one another and it can be an important part of spreading new ideas and concepts. Which is what makes this technology one of the main components for business success. With every person having an internet connection, you’d be hard pressed to find people who can’t relate to “being online”.

Most businesses and companies are utilizing social media to inform the public about their products and services. Advertising through social media is a very worthwhile use of time with regards to growing your business. Everybody is “liking” with Facebook and tweeting their thoughts and their every move, no matter how boring or how unimportant these actions may be. They are great ways for businesses, organizations and individuals to share their ideas, to get their ideas out into the public domain.
Social media is the way young people like to communicate. But they aren’t the only ones. My wife and her friends love Pinterest. They are always “pinning” new items and sharing their thoughts about them. This is another great medium for businesses to share ideas, not only visually, but you can tag them with relevant information and data. This medium is quite useful as customers respond more to visual  posts thereby making it more likely for them to purchase or think about buying when and where they normally wouldn’t. Below are three of the most popular social media darlings every business should have an account for.

  1. Facebook. Probably the most widely used and most well known form of social media. Almost everyone has an account with Facebook, which makes it the best platform to market your business.
  2. Twitter. Of course we all know the limitations of tweeting, and how frivolous it can be. But what about sharing little things that make a difference. It is a good way to track your daily efforts.
  3. Pinterest. This is a great way to share new ideas and to keep track of things that you like. You can organize into categories and check out what other people are interested in.

Bottom line is, social media is here to stay. If you want your business to survive the gruesome competition, wise up now and start signing up for a social media account for your business. The best part about this marketing strategy is that it is mostly free of charge. You just need to spend time and effort in engaging your possible customers. Remember, blatant advertising will only get you so far, the purpose of social media is to make relevant connections with those that might truly have good use for your services.
About the Author
Jay Preston is author for ToolHQ, Australia’s premiere source for cordless power tools. He enjoys writing about social media, DIY and remodeling tips.