The social networking site Facebook has over 400 million active users worldwide. It’s no wonder that it has become a sort of preferred second home page for businesses big and small. With this massive popularity, however, comes a price: there’s a lot of noise and clutter.

That’s why it’s very useful to find ways to optimize your Facebook Fan Page. It helps Facebook users find you more easily, and it helps you stand out amidst the noise. The viral features of Facebook – like News Feeds, invitations, and shared content – are one thing; optimization techniques on social media are another. Indeed, applying basic SEO strategies on your Facebook Fan Page can earn your more fans and subscribers and help take your brand to the next level.

Here are six useful SEO tips on how to optimize your Facebook Fan Page.

Optimize your Fan Page name and vanity URL

When creating your Fan Page, choose a name that mentions the name of your company and contains the main keywords related to your business. This makes it a lot easier for Facebook users to find you through their search queries. And register your vanity URL much like how you would choose your page name. This allows you to have a Facebook Fan Page that appears to have its own website domain name (which you can them include in your business cards). Not only do you get to claim your own share of social media space; you also make it easier for search engines to find it. One tip here, though: don’t include too many generic keywords in your page names and URL. You don’t want to appear to Facebook like a spammer.

Post fresh content regularly

As the SEO adage goes, content is king. If you want to rank high in Facebook search results, make sure you regularly post updates, relevant links, images, videos, notes, event invitations, and discussion topics on you Facebook Fan Page. If possible, have everything come with a photo, video, or thumbnail: this adds to the visual appeal of your posts. A regular stream of activity on your Wall keeps your fans updated, too.

Optimize your photos

Optimizing your photos means naming images properly and writing captions that contain your most relevant keywords. Avoid uploading pictures from your camera and then leaving them without descriptions. If you’re posting pictures of a recent event, add captions and make sure you take advantage of the branding opportunities of the album. If you’re posting pictures of your company team, your product, or your service, make sure you optimize them by writing appropriate and keyword-rich descriptions.

Optimize the content in your Info tab

Do you know that the About box has the highest place in the CSS structure of your Facebook Fan Page? What this means is that you have an opportunity not only to say something that would turn Facebook users into your fans; you also get to place your target keywords on a box that both users and search engines consider as one of the most important components of your Facebook Fan Page. Same goes with the Info tab. It’s your opportunity to put in persuasive copy and descriptive metadata, the kind that contains keywords and high-priority links and helps you rank high in the search results.

Install Facebook’s Static FBML

Facebook has an application called Static FBML which allows the creation of additional tabs or boxes for enhanced Fan Page customization. Use the application to create even more optimized content for your page.

Promote your Facebook Fan Page

It’s mandatory to include on your Facebook Fan Page a link to your official website or blog. What about vice-versa? Would you link to your Facebook Fan Page via your website or blog? The optimization-driven answer is: why not? Creating more inbound links to your Facebook Fan Page adds more interaction channels by which more people can find you on Facebook. The “Find us on Facebook” badge is a pretty neat tool, but you can also hyperlink text on your blog posts or website pages with links to your Facebook Fan Page.