One of the most important issues of SEO is Domain authority. The word itself suggests a lot, but the ever-changing dynamics of the search engine algorithms keeps it a changing and dynamic concept as well. But the fundamental concept of trust, control and power remains as the major factor in Domain Authority. It can be roughly translated as how well linked and valuable a site appears in popularity. It is translated by many as about not knowing what you know, but more about knowing who you know.

Since search engines are always looking for results that can be trusted for providing valuable or proper information, domain authority provides visitors with a level of authoritative information. One of the most important things that scores big in domain authority is age and popularity. These two factors also help in climbing to the top of page ranking and also staying there considerably. This is also beneficial for blog or page monetization as well.
Here are some insights into the fundamentals of building domain authority:
1. Inbound Links
One of the aspect of popularity if a website is the number of inbound links that point to the particular website. More the links from high authority websites, better is the authority of the website. This is because websites links to one another to allow visitors access more and useful information, so when the links from highly authoritative website points to a particular website, it is considered to be an authoritative website. Search engines prefer these kind of sites having inbound links from authoritative websites.
Most search engines have changed their search algorithms as there can be links that can be bought. So now with the new and better algorithm it is extremely important to have genuine and good inbound links and from reliable and well known or popular websites. It is alo important to have relevant and quality links both inbound and outbound to score better and improve domain authority.
Broken links and bad links will always lower your ranks and can also result in ban of your webpage. Try to avoid porn, gambling and other illegal sites for links. Also avoid using too many links and irrevalent links as well.
2. Domain Authority: improving ideas
One of the most important and indispensable way of increasing your domain authority as well as your popularity is content. Content rules, so it is always essential to post valuable and important content in your website. These content needs to be informative and helpful rather than being too theoretical or irrelevant. These articles will also establish your expertise in the chosen niche, and create a dedicated fan following. Post regularly, and post informative and evergreen articles of at least 400 to 500 words.
3. Foot-Print on the Web
One of the major important measure of improving domain authority is by increased traffic. This not only means a casual browser, but loyal readers, who will share and ‘like’ your articles. They will also refer your site to other readers, boosting unique traffic also. Marketing your content through the social networking sites and social bookmarking sites can do wonders. They not only have a huge following, but they can also generate unique traffic from all corners of the world. More the contents are shared and viewed, more popular it will be. It will also build your loyal followers, as well as domain authority.
4. Communities and forums
Keep posting and participating on relevant forums and discussion groups. You can post your relevant links there, and suggestion and comments can make you establish yourself as an authority in your favored niche. This will also help generate inbound links and traffics which increases and boosts your domain authority also.
5. Add Pages
Domain authority may also be improved with the number of pages in your website. Increased pages mean increased content with more inbound links. Adding blog pages with relevant and quality content may hold the key for better indexing by the search engines.
6. Domain Details:

  • Aging domains: most search engines tend to rely and trust that stands the test of time. Long running domains with consistent and regular content of quality and information builds a huge domain authority.
  • Domain Registration details: bona-fide registration details are always trusted and relied by search engines. Make sure that you fill all information truly and properly while registering domains, and do not use proxy to register.

The sum-up
With the search engines constantly changing their algorithms to provide better search results and better internet environment to users, the landscape of internet is ever-changing. This is also to discourage malpractices in SEO and give users better results. The main aspect of influencing and having better domain authority is in generating evergreen and informative content. Do not use any black hat SEO techniques for faster results. Another important aspect that you should always keep in mind is that do not create content or links for the search engines, do it for the organic users, and be rest assured of great results.