Link building is currently one of the most important methods used in search engine optimization (SEO). Websites receive high popularity ratings due to the use of search engines with relevance as a basis for measurement. As a result of this link building, a website receives quality traffic taken from relevant sites, thus making it a valuable resource. Credibility, visibility, and awareness are established and a website receives a wide search engine exposure as long as the strategy focus is with link building.

The three ways in link building include a complete link, one-way linking, or reciprocal link structure. The first method is the most favorable strategy because it gets links for your site and directs those that do not require a reciprocal relationship. There is a possibility, however, that this link building method will only feature sites that are relevant to their content. This means that the link should have the same theme for search engine optimization. With the one-way link building, you are sending a message to the search engines saying that your site is prominent and significant making other websites treat it as a reference material or want to be associated with you. As a result, the popularity of your site will depend on the number of websites that link to you.

While a one-way linking may be more favorable, it takes a longer time to see its results. In contrast, a complete link building will be faster in finding a solution for you. This kind of link building is a one-stop search engine optimization service that is directed through several search engine solutions. Examples of this include content writing, press releases, guaranteed directory listing, forum and blog postings, and social bookmarking.

The last method is the reciprocal link building, which is also named link exchange. It simply provides for the mutual exchange between links of two sites. This link passes through Google algorithms, thereby making it an important part of search engine optimization.