Magento is an ecommerce script which is said to be more authoritative for ecommerce and was developed by Varien. Magento uses Zend PHP and MYSQL databases and is said to be an open source program. It is said to be more flexible in nature along with the modular structure and is totally capable of being scaled and also possesses a vast range of management options which most of the users of magento are fond of. Magento is more superior in nature and presents your products in a very powerful manner. You can create your products catalog easily and also manage it.

Varien previously worked with osCommerce and they intended to diverge osCommerce but then decided to redraft and rephrase it and hence it resulted in the formation of Magento. Magento was started to develop in 2007 and in the month of august in the same year, a public beta version was announced and in 2010, Magento mobile was made available and it allowed the owners of the stores to produce local mobile storefront apps. In February 2011, eBay stated that it has made an investment in Magento which is said to be worth 49% ownership share, and in the month of June 2011, eBay has bought the ownership of Magento and has officially stated that Magento will link with eBay’s X.Commerce project.

Magento Features

Product browsing
Magento offers numerous images for the products and also provides options for wide reviews, and more.

Analytics and reporting
This script is incorporated with Google Analytics and provides more various reports accordingly.

Customer accounts
It offers order status of the customer accounts and also the history of the accounts along with email and RSS feeds for the products present in the wishlist, default billing and shipping address and newsletter subscription.

Catalog browsing
Very easy to navigate, and has superior product filtering system, and product comparison.

Catalog management
It offers inventory management, various tax rates according to the location, supplementary product features, batch import and export of the products.

Customer service
Improvises aspects for the accounts of the customers, complete order tracking and history, convertible order emails, contact us form.

Order management
Produce orders through the admin area, and also create numerous invoices delivery and credit memos, call center order formation option.

It offers to ship to various addresses, with flat rates in shipping, and assists UPS, UPS XML, FedEx, USPS and DHL.

Various payment methods including PayPal, credit cards, Google Checkout, money orders, checks,, external payment components such as ePay, eWAY, and Cybersource are supported.

It offers a single page checkout, PCI Compliant, SSL support, and checkout even without possessing an account.

International support
It supports various languages and currencies and a list of countries for registration, purchasing and shipping.

Search Engine Optimization
It is 100% search engine friendly in nature and also has Google Sitemap support.

Site management
It offers to control numerous website, numerous languages, tax rate with support for both US and international markets, convertible outlook through the templates.

Marketing promotions and tools
It offers various coupons, discounts and other such promotion options too.

Magento themes are offered by various websites both as free and paid versions, and so you can choose the theme that suits your online store and make it look unique. You can also opt to make use of the 1.700 extensions of Magento to support various functions and they can be installed through the Magento-Connect user interface.

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