Last week we published a guide on how to monitor Google Places reviews, Web updates, and content changes. It was well-received by our readers, so we’d like to build on the post and share info this time on tools for online reviews monitoring and management.
Hopefully, this list will help you track online reviews of your brand, product, establishment, service, or business – and enhance your reputation as more customers talk about you on Google Places, Yelp, online directories, local business listings, and social media sites. Or, if you’ve used any of the online reputation management tools below, do let us know by leaving a comment below and sharing with us your experience.

Review Trackers

Best value review monitoring solution: Launched early this year, Review Trackers is widely considered as today’s leading online review monitoring solution. It’s designed for businesses of all kinds and sizes, including mom-and-pops, SMEs, and enterprise-level organizations and companies.
A Web-based application that’s simple, fast, and easy to use, Review Trackers monitors online reviews from sites like Yelp, Google+ Local (formerly Google Places), TripAdvisor, Citysearch, Foursquare, and more. It also covers industry-specific review sites like OpenTable, Urbanspoon, and, among many others. Once you get a new review from any of these sites, Review Trackers sends you an E-mail notification, so you can read the review, respond to what the reviewer is saying, and manage your online reputation.
Review Trackers’ excellent feature set includes the ability to centralize all your reviews in one location; sort review data by date, source website, number of stars, or business location; integrate the app with your favorite customer service help desk, such as,, and UserVoice; and access your Review Trackers online review management dashboard with any Web-enabled device: desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet. Plans start at $19 a month.


Texas-based ReviewPush markets itself as an “online review management tool for small to large businesses”. It offers a dashboard for monitoring / tracking reviews, protecting your brand and reputation, engaging with customers, and enhancing product offerings and promotions (such as coupons).
ReviewPush features include:

  • Continuous social media and review monitoring, with multiple location capabilities
  • Monitors reviews from Google, UrbanSpoon, Insider Pages, CitySearch, Yahoo, Trip Advisor, OpenTable, and Yelp, among others
  • Daily E-mail alerts which notify you when a new review has been generated; these alerts can be sent to an unlimited number of recipients
  • Each E-mail alert contains the link to the actual review so you can respond in an instant
  • Aggregation of online reviews for the creation of PDF reports, which can be customized based on desired time frame

A fairly new service, ReviewPush can be a bit pricey, with single location monitoring costing $49 a month. The company does offer discounts and bulk prices for multiple location monitoring.

Local Matters – DigitalSeen

DigitalSeen by Local Matters is a tool for simplifying the management and syndication of content across online, mobile, and social media channels. It is similar to KnowEm in that it helps secure brands and profile pages, but DigitalSeen offers other features, such as:

  • Creation and distribution of deals to online profile pages and third-party applications from a centralized platform
  • Syndication of content to local profile pages and listings across the Web, including Google Places, Facebook Places, and Fan Pages
  • Content management workflow for more efficient administration of business pages and listings with multiple locations
  • Find and correct inaccurate data on third-party sites

While DigitalSeen focuses on content management of business profiles and listings in general, it doesn’t seem to specializing in review monitoring and management in particular. But it is worth looking at for its integration with Local Matters’ other solutions and local search technologies, including Destination Search, Mobile Loyalty, and WalkAbout.

ChatMeter Review Management

Chatmeter is a combination of professional tools and services that are designed to manage reviews, monitor social media, and enhance the local search marketing and SEO performance of businesses. Its review management capabilities can be accessed via Chatmeter’s online interactive dashboard, which can:

  • Monitor and respond to online reviews using one centralized location
  • Deliver daily E-mail notifications that alert you when there’s a new review, or content that requires attention
  • Provide sentiment analysis for understanding the attitude of the reviews customers are posting
  • Provide comparison and competitive benchmarking technologies (Are your competitors getting more reviews and mentions?)
  • Monitor local search rankings through Rank Tracking and provide recommendations on how to improve your performance
  • Aggregate and monitor business listings, while identifying inaccurate listings and notifying you of sites you should be on

Furthermore, Chatmeter’s dashboard has the ability to search for content (links, photos, videos, reviews) on local search sites, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, and Yellow Pages; it can also track mentions (or “chatter”) from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as blogs.
Premium plans start at $29.99 a month (VIPPass), with an Enterprise Plan available for clients with more than 10 locations.

ReachCast by Reach Local

ReachCast by Reach Local combines proprietary technology and professional service to help local businesses build and optimize their Web presence. During setup, ReachCast creates a Cast Page, which is a content and conversation hub used to create and manage content and updates (e.g., tips, offers, promos, photos, videos, etc.) about your business across the Web.
ReachCast also:

  • Creates profiles for online directories and social media sites, including Google Places and Yelp
  • Uses a proprietary ReachCast Radar feature to monitor the Web for mentions, reviews, and comments about your business (from sites like Yelp, CitySearch, Insider Pages, etc.)
  • Alerts you to any negative comments or reviews and spreads positive content that promotes a better online reputation
  • “Cast” positive mentions across your profile pages and social media accounts from the original and optimized content created at your Cast Page, then submit these to Google, Yahoo, and Bing for indexing

Visible Technologies

Visible Technologies offers social media monitoring and analytics solutions using the Web-based Visible Intelligence platform. Features of this platform include the ability to track information using discovery and collection technology, partnerships with data aggregators, and the use of site APIs. Visible can provide data from:

  • Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace
  • Over 250 million blogs and blog hosts plus 5 million forums, message boards and UseNet groups
  • Consumer review and shopping sites
  • News and media sites
  • Wikis

Other key features of the Visible Intelligence platform include:

  • Unlimited social media searches and interactive topics discovery, with filtering and data segmentation
  • Sentiment analysis for gauging community opinion on your brand or any topic
  • Monitoring based on location, period, media type
  • Team-based engagement for more efficient workflow management
  • Event-driven alerts and notifications

Visible currently does not offer a pricing page, but it has a video tour of the Intelligence platform and a 3-day free test drive.


Marchex Reputation Management – often compared as Radian6 for small businesses – is an online dashboard for tracking and analyzing online listings, comments, critiques, blogs, social media mentions, and reviews about your business – from one place. It covers more than 8,000 sources (from Twitter to CitySearch) and currently contains more than a quarter billion pieces of meta-data.
Key features of Marchex Reputation Management include:

  • Monitoring of reviews, plus a visual presentation to break out the percentage of positive, neutral or negative reviews in an easy-to-read display
  • Charting of reviews or mentions in a way that tie the information back to particular changes in the business or marketing efforts by month
  • Business listings management, for enhanced accuracy and wider coverage
  • Competitive marketing analysis for benchmarking your business side-by-side against other local businesses
  • Tools for taking action, like broadcasting good reviews (through E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, etc.) and updating listings

Reputation Ranger

Reputation Ranger is a suite of online reputation management services designed to monitor public comments and reviews from sites like Angie’s List, Yelp, Google, Yahoo!, CitySearch, Trip Advisor, Insider Pages, Yellow Pages, YouTube, Twitter, and other industry-specific social media or review sites. Reputation Ranger positions itself by offering specialized services to businesses in the hotel and travel, restaurant and bar, plumbers and home contractors, and automotive sales and service industries.
Reputation Ranger provides weekly ($39) or monthly ($99) reports to an unlimited number of recipients: reports that contain detailed information on:

  • Current Web sentiment and trends
  • New reviews and content that require attention
  • Reputation and review ratings

When live, these reports exist as a web page you access online. Reputation Ranger can also E-mail the link to current reports to as many recipients as you choose. An example of the automotive sample report can be found here.


Trackur is a social media monitoring tool / software that tracks reviews, mentions, and comments from social media such as blogs, social networks, Twitter, Facebook, forums, images and video. It also offers analytics and insights for understanding the influence and audience reach of those discussing your brand.
Other Trackur features include:

  • Unlimited keyword searches and monitoring
  • RSS and E-mail alerts, plus creation and upload of custom RSS feeds for monitoring review sites, forums, blogs, and other pages you wish to pay close attention to
  • Sentiment tagging and analysis
  • CSV Export and white labelling
  • Unlimited client log-ins, with no extra charge per additional user

Plans range from $18 to $377 a month, with an option to select prepaid annual plans.