Reputation management is becoming a big part of our small startup. Many of our Chicago clients are finding that monitoring their online reputation is more important than ever. Reviews are viewed as a trusted source of information, in fact 70 percent said they trusted consumer opinions posted online. This ranks above newspaper editorials, tv and radio- according to Nelson Research.

Graph that shows Online Trust in Reviews

Recently an old friend reached out to me to let me know that their company, Alterian, recently acquired Techrigy. Techrigy is a social media monitoring tool that complies links, mentions, information about particular keywords or companies. I know that there are several social media monitoring tools out there, but for some reason this one caught my attention.

The team here knows that it takes a lot to impress me, but I was pleasantly surprised with this web based tool. Within the first few minutes I began to see the depth and capabilities of the reporting and I am only in the basic version of the program.


This is a screen shot of what their backend looks like, it compiled all the mentions of Lakeshore Branding and then found 9 reviews, then the system identified if they were positive or negative reviews. Luckly in our case all nine were positive reviews of our company.

What I thought was Cool
They have a past index of websites- they analyzed mentions of the company from two years ago when we first started, while it did not have every mention, it did have a great deal of them.

Finding people that use URL shortners (like or that reference your company.
Social Media Reputation Managment mention on Twitter
They found a few mentions of the company that we were not aware of before we tried this tool, including this one above. It does not mention the company or have a direct link to our website but the URL he is using links right to our website.

Dice the Data- They make it very easy to not only organize the data they collected, but analyze it several ways in different time frames. The information is organized in a clear manner that makes it very simple to understand with pretty graphs that you can show management.

So my advice would be to give it a test drive around the block and let us know if you found anything new about your company. You can sign up for the “freemium” version which is limited to a few keywords- but we found it quite useful. Sign up for your account here.