Ordering a pizza is a weekend tradition in many families. Pizza goes along with college football, study sessions, and – and the Internet? Yes, the Internet! These days more of the population are starting to find the advantages of ordering online – and by advantages, we also mean advantages for the pizzerias, restaurants, and other similar delivery businesses.
That’s because ordering online offers a new way to market to the individual pizza enthusiast, or the bachelor ordering in for the weekend, or the bored, hungry online surfer or football score watcher. What makes ordering online such a potent marketing tool is the fact that, when ordering, say, a pepperoni thick with fries on the side, the system will normally have to ask for contact information to verify the order. This information typically includes an E-mail address. Once the address is obtained, the pizza company can start to send out specials about two to three times a week straight to the inbox. The E-mails, which are generally well received, offer anything from discounts, to new promotions or product releases, loyalty privileges, or multiple presences on the Web and on social media networks.
Also, by not having to spend time on the telephone systems, the employees of delivery businesses can spend more time actually filling orders. As soon as the order comes up on the screen, the pizza can be built and baked. The orange chicken can be fried and caramelized. Turnaround time is faster, which means there are less people being put off enough to call a competitor.
Another bottom line advantage of having an online ordering system for your offline delivery business is the ability to save money. While many use VoIP service to answer phones these days, it is still less expensive to receive orders through an automated online system. Additionally, there are fewer instances of an order being taken inaccurately, because the system allows the individual to verify or confirm the order before asking for it to be delivered. The system will tell them the price as well as how long the order will take.
The ability to place orders online has given a boost to business for all restaurants which offer the service. Not only is the convenience of being able to order through the Internet a great way to encourage people to actually consume more (since everyone pretty much has access to the Internet); the marketing possibilities are also endless.
Worth mentioning is the fact that the trend in online ordering can be seen in younger age groups: only about 4 percent of “baby boomers” use the Web to order a pizza, while better than 17 percent of the 24-34 age group order food online. The younger set is expected to grow along with the older demographic as more of the population become accustomed to doing everything online, including receiving the circulars which traditionally have always come via standard mail.
Although your company might not be trying to find a way to get delivered fast food out to your consumers, this new trend can nevertheless be used for business across a wide range of industries, categories, and sizes. Indeed, more business owners and retailers are recognizing the need to start expanding their marketing campaigns in order to reach the largest audience possible – with minimal expense. In order for any business to experience the growth and sustainability that they want, it must adapt with the times and technology that is available to it.
No longer can a single direct mail campaign be a viable channel to reach your desired consumers. Telemarketing still has a proven purpose, but with all the new laws and reputation that telemarketing firms have gotten over the years, it is important to look into the many forms of online marketing.
Being able to expand your marketing campaign across online media can allow the company to get the best results while finding the best return on your investment.