Marketing any product or service online can be a daunting task for a marketer, especially when the competition is cutthroat and the attention span of audiences has been reduced to just a click. So being at the right place at the right moment is as good as going on the right kind of diet regime – one that would bring in results!

One strategy to building a business online – specifically, link building – is considered one of the best ways to connect to the audience. Businesses around the world today rely on the Internet to expand and optimize their visibility for their potential clients and more. It’s a given that Google has set nearly an unbeatable standard for linking only those sites that are trustworthy and pass their acid test. The Web is truly a place where marketers can lose track as linking to sites that basically have no status or ranking by the search engines usually results into a dud.

Link Building

But first things first: what exactly is link building? In simple terms, it is a trustworthy and authentic link that connects the web user to relevant sites. It’s also a very powerful medium for using Internet marketing strategies. For a novice, it can be time–consuming and even boring at times. However, given the right kind of attitude and with a mind open to learning, it can be the most rewarding method of marketing.
Link building can be made a lot easier by doing basic (keyword) research about your subject and finding relevant sites (useful sites) for better visibility. But it’s easier said than done, because research has to be a habit in order to succeed.
Be ready for the competition to breathe down your neck. It would behoove marketers to know who the competition is and what they are up to. Tools to analyze the competitors and the URLs and sites that are hosting their links can be easily procured. You can even petition these same sites to link to your site, provided the quality of the traffic and the Page Rank sums up.
Link Exchange An Old And Outdated Game?
Another useful strategy could be: you scratch my back and I will scratch yours. This is the oldest game played by marketers in the Web. The search engines look benignly on such links as they are not considered the ones to be spammed. The popularity ratings of such partnerships can help the site be indexed appropriately and further enhance its searched site with other search engines.
Yet another point ignored by a lot of marketers is the relevance of the content hosted on their sites. The content has to be appropriate and useful for the audience. In order to maintain quality and variety, sites can promote guest blogs. Sharing information is the basic idea here. It can be considered a value-added service, which ups the host site’s popularity quotient.
Link Baiting – The Strategy for The Long Run
At the same time marketers can go for link baiting and/or viral campaigns. Link baiting, though often misconstrued as a shady practice, is basically a content or copy hosted to a website in order to gather unique links to a larger extent. This also aids in making the content go viral as more and more bloggers discuss about the same.
These are only a few strategies that a marketer may adopt in order to stay competitive and visible At any rate, the linkbuilding exercise has to be backed by solid research and prudence on part of the marketer before he can have a winner in his hand.
Author’s Bio: Divya Rawat writes articles on topics like SEO, PPC and other internet marketing Strategies. She has been working for an SEO Company which offers content writing service and various web development services for the past 6 years.