There’s very little doubt that marketing with Facebook has a huge influence on the way that people discover new items, and even become inspired to buy them. This summer, Facebook’s marketing department released statistics which mentioned that not only do individuals spend an average of six-and-a-half hours per month on the site, but collectively, the site’s user base contributes over 3 billion comments and “likes” every day.

Comments Translate into Sales

Now, an application called Soldsie helps merchants by working with a company’s own Facebook account. Once the application is installed, Facebook users can browse through a photo gallery of items for sale, and simply type “sold” in the comments field. This is all it takes to inform the merchant, and tell other interested parties that an item is claimed.

Easy Payment Processing

Businesses often spend a great deal of time deciding on the best merchant services account for credit card processing. Finding the ideal provider can facilitate e-commerce transactions and boost sales over time. In many cases though, sellers are operating in very limited ways, and may not have the time or income to finalize their decision about a payment processor right away.
Soldsie is ideal for these types of situations, because although it is not meant to replace a credit card processing service, it works alongside PayPal, so sellers can interact with users in a way that’s secure, efficient and familiar.

Registration and Monitoring

Soldsie also eliminates the need for sellers to obtain shipping and payment information from buyers. These details are automatically captured when a user signs up to use the Soldsie app on their Facebook account, because they’re inputted during the registration process.
Also, sellers have access to a dashboard where they can instantly see if a person has commented about wanting to buy an item, and also verify whether products have been shipped to or received by the buyer. Invoices can be sent from the interface, as well.

Payment Schemes

Like many e-commerce products, the cost for a merchant to use Soldsie varies depending on the total income from transactions through the app. All pricing tiers begin with a two week free trial, and users must pay a service fee to PayPal. Businesses that make less than $700 through the application each month can continue to use the app for free, except for 2.9% PayPal fee. E-mail and telephone support is also included with all plans, and could be an essential feature for a business that is just starting to experiment with different ways to reach a user base, but is wary about using new technology.

Other Ways to Sell

Although Soldsie is the first site of its kind that allows users to purchase something by posting a Facebook comment; other applications such as Ecwid make it possible for businesses to integrate a link to their existing online storefront with a Facebook profile. This summer, the New York Times published an article which mentioned that selling through Facebook has become so popular that social media experts refer to it as “F-commerce”.
Also, some businesses take a much simpler route by merely gauging interest levels for certain products on Facebook, and then making arrangements with customers in the area to either provide a home delivery or schedule a time for a user to pick up a purchased item.
Whichever approach you decide to take for your business, Facebook is becoming an increasingly viable option for selling items and interacting with customers in mutually beneficial ways. It’s well worth a closer look.
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