I told a long time friend this story last night and with all the chuckles and smiles I thought I would put it up on the blog.

The setting was a bright sunny day in the burbs and I was about 8 years old. My mother was watching me as she worked with the flowers in the front yard. One of my first customers was my local mailman (His name was Butch in case you were wondering), he came up to my lemonade stand. Butch inquired about the lemonade but stated that he did not have the fifty cents for the lemonade and maybe next time. As I realized that I might lose the sale, I suggested that he have a water, which I offered for free. By this time my mother was near the stand chatting it up with our friendly mailman. I quickly ran inside the house and got him a glass of water. I returned and handed him the glass of lemonade, he took a sip and quickly spit it out. My mother was startled and asked him what was wrong, he instantly stated that the water was extremely hot. Without any hesitation I responded, “Now would you like a glass of lemonade.” I will just say that the lemonade stand was retired for the rest of the summer after a through scolding from my mother. She apologized to Butch, but even at a young age I understood how to create demand for a product.