As a small business owner you may be on a job that is usually reserved for two people or more – and you may be running around more than you ought to. (Doesn’t everyone feel that way?) If only you can split yourself in two! Well, spare yourself with these helpful apps. If you have a mobile smartphone like the iPhone or the Android, you can make use of the tools and applications to improve your workflow. After all, these phones are made for more than checking your E-mail, you know.

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To-Do Lists

Outlook Mobile has a nice, task-syncing feature for your smartphone that lets you send meeting requests, track attendance, received detailed responses, and much more. If you’re using an iPhone, there’s the very flexible Toodledo, which synchronizes your tasks without requiring Internet connection. For Android users, use Astrid, a simple task recording dashboard for mobile that lists and tracks your To-Do list. Like the two previous tools, it’s built with your productivity in mind.


Chances are, you already have a note-taking or memo-writing application on your mobile phone. But if you want to enjoy more features out of an application, try Evernote, which is a great cross-platform application for – well, for remembering everything. Use Evernote to save ideas and inspirations and jot down the things you see and the things you like. Once you’ve captured them, you can find them on any other computer or device that you use. For free.


Again, chances are, you already have a calendar on your iPhone or smartphone. But for seamless integration with contacts, E-mails, and other online tools, try Google Sync for mobile, which uses the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol. It gathers your Google contacts and puts them onto your phone. It can be integrated with your native or default calendar so you’re alerted for upcoming appointments. Because Google Sync works by backing up your calendar info to your Google account so that you always have a backup.

Mobile Office Tools

Sooner or later, you’d want to create or open a Word document on the go. Or a snazzy Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation for a client presentation. For times like these, when you just have to take your work with you, you can use Office Mobile. This document solution works for Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. If you’re looking for an alternative, use Documents to Go, a cross-platform mobile office solution, which can even let you view PDF files.