I don’t believe we are going to see much of a difference in the marketing trends from 2011 to 2012, the economy is still slowly trying to get itself out of this recession we have dug ourselves into, so the economy and consumers are going to be looking for money savings deal in every venture they look to embark on. That is why, if you want to succeed this year in business you are going to have to provide your customers with money-saving offers that beat that of your competitor, and we believe we can help you to do just that.
We are going to cover a couple of mobile marketing trends that you need to be aware of if you wish to succeed in this tough economic recession as a business.

Mobile Marketing – Push & Pull Marketing Techniques

This may be a term that many people have not heard, but it is something that almost every business owner or marketing director needs to become familiar with. It involves using phones, text messages, and SMS messages to promote or engage your customers in the saves. Now, the “PUSH” part of mobile push marketing is basically “Pushing” the message to your customers via the mobile and text message outlets, while “Pull” marketing is more about getting the customers or consumers to send information to you.
Examples of Pull Mobile marketing can be anything from getting your consumers and customers to send Coupon Codes to a specific small code on the phone, or getting them to take a photo of your coupon or advertisement in a magazine or newspaper. This gets the customers engaged with your company and at the same times helps to show what is and is not working as far as advertisements.
Now, mobile “Push” marketing is basically the same thing, except you are getting contact information from your consumers or customers and you are sending them these messages or advertisements. You can think of Mobile Push marketing a lot like E-mail marketing campaigns, just on a smaller scale. With Mobile Push Marketing you are going to be sending the information or advertisement directly to your customer’s smartphones for instant money-saving deals on your products or services.

Three-Screen Marketing: Expand Beyond a Television and Computer Screen

Prior to 2012 companies and business used to rely solely on televisions and computer screens to get their advertising and promotions across to their consumers; however, times have changed. Smartphones and tablets are becoming a mainstream advertising medium to utilize. In 2011 there were over 400 million people who used smartphones or tablets to access the Internet and their E-mails on a daily basis.
Those numbers are huge, and these numbers are something that can NOT be ignored by any business owner or any marketer trying to run a successful marketing campaign. Advertising and marketing campaigns have to be formatted to be easily read via these devices as well as the standard computer screen and television screen in not only 2012 but the years beyond as well.
About the author: Special thanks goes out to SIS Media Group, LLC, they provided this amazing article along with all the research that went with it.