We all know that in this modern world, online marketing is growing at a rapid rate. We are the information generation and have it all at our fingertips. This has been further advanced by having smartphones at our disposal, all day every day. Hence, the growth of mobile marketing has been very evident over the past few years and there is every indication that it will continue to grow.

On the Rise

This year, mobile marketing spending is expected to increase by over 75% with mobile ad spending reaching over $1.1 billion; it is expected to reach $2.3 billion in 2013: a staggering amount to say the least, and a clear indication that the trend is only just beginning. There are more than 370,000,000 iOS and Android devices floating around out there with over a million activated every day. And to top this off a study has shown that by 2013, 80% of major U.S. brands will be using mobile marketing. All this points to the fact that mobile marketing is indeed big business.

The Reason Behind the Growth

Tablets, smartphones, Apple iPads, etc.: they are by our sides 24/7. We may spend a day or night apart from our loved ones, but never do we spend that time apart from our mobile devices. Ever found yourself sitting in an airport, taxi, bus, walking down the street or just lying on your bed for a few minutes and not pulling out your mobile device to start browsing the Web, or visiting your favorite social network site? The answer: no. (Unless you’re a Luddite!) So it stands to reason that there is massive potential here for marketers, advertisers, small business owners, online retailers, brands, and other marketing-driven entities. Just think about it: Individuals in general will spend one minute on the average website session on a PC or laptop computer; the duration of the average mobile app session, meanwhile, stands at 4.3 minutes. Another staggering figure is that apps account for an average of 667 minutes of face time per month for smartphone users.
Mobile marketing also has access to so many things now. When we are sitting at our desks at work, many websites are blocked or monitored. This doesn’t happen on our mobile phones, on which we’re free to surf for anything at any time.
Social media sites have also put so much of their resources into mobile apps, mobile sites, and mobile marketing. Apart from the normal Web browsing, you can access social networks with ease, buy items off eBay, order prepaid electricity, and do your online banking. Never mind using a PC with an Internet connection; thanks to today’s technology, we can connect to the Web fast, easy, and on the go.
Obviously, in this fast paced world we need something that can keep up with us, and that something is our mobile devices. Businesses and brands are beginning to notice this and have realized that there is an opportunity to leverage this as an Internet marketing and advertising medium 24/7. With the growing world of apps and mobile advertising, there are clear signs that this industry will continue to rise.
About the author: Cale Pissarra is an experienced online content writer who enjoys writing about various topics such as how the vodafone smart and vodafone smart black are hitting the shelves and how mobile businesses are thriving.