When you’re copywriting, it’s all too easy to lose yourself in clever lead-ins and a rousing introduction. Writing for the SMS means there’s no time for that; mobile marketers don’t have the time to lead into anything gradually, so they have to be direct. Most site visitors don’t want to sit and read through walls of text — they want to find out what they want to know, and move on to something else. To write effective mobile copy and make a bulk SMS message that converts easily, follow the tips below.

The attention span of the average Web user is short; people are easily distracted and tend to move quickly from one page to another. It’s even harder to hold the attention of a mobile user, when their devices are always receiving E-mails, push notifications, and text messages. People read and respond to these while standing in line, waiting for a movie to begin, or even walking down the street. The ways people use their mobile devices are determined by three factors:

  • Time for use. For most people, using a mobile device is just a diversion they take part in while waiting to do something else; they have precious few moments to find the information they need.
  • Distraction. The average Web user faces a lot of distractions, and for a mobile user, the level of distraction is much higher because their device use is secondary to whatever else they’re doing.

Screen size. Most mobile devices have small screens, and can’t hold a lot of content. To create an effective business SMS, keep this in mind as you proceed with content creation and write your copy.
When you’re creating your ad content, keep in mind the message you are trying to convey. For the majority of people, a mobile phone is more than just a device; it’s a way to keep in touch with family, friends and co-workers. Consider the following when you’re putting together a business SMS campaign.

Mobile Copywriting Tips

  • Be goal-oriented. Focus your content on a specific task, as people are much less likely to waste time on the mobile Web — they want their information fast so they can get on with life.
  • Use a compelling headline. When creating mobile content, make it to-the-point, make it smart, and make it shareable.

Creating a bulk SMS campaign isn’t the same as creating Web content, and the sooner you realize that fact, the sooner you can achieve success. When putting together your ads, remember the limitations you’re facing, and don’t forget to try your content out on real people, because they’re the ones you’re trying to reach.
About the author: Guest article by Crispin Jones for Collstream, experts in business SMS and bulk SMS. Find out more by clicking here.